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Topic Summary
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Dec 14th, 2002, 5:16am
What's CD FrontEnd2?
CD FrontEnd2 PRO (the old edition of CD Front End 3) is a package that includes CDFrontEnd2 LITE and EBooksWriter PRO.  
So you yet find a lot of stuff on the EBooksWriter's forum:  
CD Front End allows you to create an autorun / autoplay / autostart CD. A catalog, a software collection, PDF files, or any stuff. The user simply inserts the CD, then in a full screen window an HTML-like presentation will be shown. Inside it you can include any button you want to launch files (you can place them anywhere on the CD - and... the program asks no confirmations before installing!). No browsers needed. No configurations.  
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Dec 14th, 2002, 5:16am
How can I start??
First thing to do is to install the editor, click  
the second link on the second email you received after the purchase ("CDFrontEnd, download instructions"), save the file on the hard disk, double click it to install, then register it (fill in the form shown at start).  
Second thing, create a temporary folder, call it  
c:\thetmp ;download file from the first link in the email (, and unzip within that temporary folder.  
Then, run the editor with MSWindows "Start" menu, "Programs", "VisualVision", "EBooksWriter". Within the editor use "File >Open", open the file c:\thetmp\brochure.aeh, and edit this file, you might delete the pages (Edit, Select all, DEL) and create your own presentation.  
If you have problems using EBooksWriter, please  
download the PDF manual from and read it all.  
It is a huge program, first chapters of PDF manual will let you started. You can place link to files button images etc etc etc...  
When "brochure.aeh" is done, open a burning  
program such as Nero or EasyCD and tell it that it should burn the c:\thetmp content inside  
the root of the CD (e.g. brochure.aeh and the  
other files will go in the CD root, say d:\ - so NOT d:\thetmp\brochure.aeh YES d:\brochure.aeh ).  
That's all.  
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Dec 14th, 2002, 5:17am
I need a sequence. My file is located in Microsoft Word. How do I create an AutoRun CD that require a password to open the file.  
1) create a temporary directory onto your hard disk  
2) unzip the provided file in this directory  
3) run EBooksWriter and open the brochure.aeh file  
4) if needed, delete all pages of this file (Hypertext >Images files and  
5) within the first page, copy and paste the MSWord text from MSWord  
6) if you need to create other pages, just use CTRL+ (or File >New page).  
Use CTRL + CTRL - to switch between pages. Please download the EBooksWriter PDF manual to learn more. Select a text block and use "Insert >Link" to place links between existing pages.  
7) choose Hypertext >Passwords  
 add a password with the "+" button on the left  
9) press the button on the bottom left "apply this pass to all pages"; then ok;  
10) save the file brochure.aeh (This name is mandatory, by the way).  
11) with a burner program, burn the tmp directory into the root directory of a CD (i.e. if the tmp directory is called c:\mytmp it should become d:\ on the CD)  
CDFrontEnd is a program with more than 10000 functions, so this step by step is a lot limitative, but this is the fastest step by step I can write. Please read the PDF manual of the editor( - ) to learn about  
the other functions.
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Dec 14th, 2002, 5:18am
The Step by step usage Instructions are missing too many steps.  
1. Log the steps needed to unzip the zip in the root directory of CD ROM.  
Please read the ious email again. This is not possible directly.  
You should unzip the zip on a temporary directory on your Hard Disk.  
To do this please create a temporary folder such as c:\jerrytmp,  
then double click the ZIP file. Then select "extract" and tell to WinZip to extract all stuff to c:\jerrytmp.  
If nothing happens, or MSWindows say it doesn't know what to do, please download WinZip from  
Once the process is completed (after you will have edited the brochure.aeh file) this temporary directory should go in the root  
directory of a CD. Say the tmp dir is c:\jerrytmp. It must become  
This simple process can be done with any burning program such as Nero or EasyCD or CeQuadrat. We can not tell you how to use these programs. Please read the manual of the CD burning program you have.  
Usually the program has a drag and drop file manager where you can instruct the program where is the source file on the Hard Disk and  
where this file should be created when the CD is burned.  
If you want to obtain a test CD you can just burn the c:\jerrytmp directory on the CD without editing "brochure.aeh". If you experience difficulties doing this, please ask a computer-wise friend, it is not that difficult once learned.  
The best way is to try. You might trash a CD or two, but now the cost of a CD is really low and the learning always had a price  
2. What is SFX(s)  
It means self extracting. Usually a reader program, such as "Acrobat Reader" or "MSWord Reader" or "Power Point reader" is supplied as  
self extracting archive.  
For example acr501.exe  
For example if your CD contains PDF or DOC file, you should provide on the CD the AcrobatReader and the MSWord reader, and you should insert in your presentation a page with a text such as "click here to install the Acrobat Reader if you don't have it"; "click here to install MSWord reader if you don't have it".  
You can also place links to PDF files such as "click here to show PDF file #1", etc.  
Additionally EBooksWriter can create SFX files but they are not useful within CDFrontEnd.  
3. How do you insert SFX(s) in a directory,  for example data directory  
With any CD burner program you can design directories(folders) and instruct the program in order to insert any file such as acr501.exe in any directory when the CD is burnt.  
You might not need to provide such files to your readers. The program can do this but you don't need to use all the function of the program. You might just want to show a text or a presentation to the CD users, in this case you don't need to care about SFX  
4. Why should I edit or replace the file "brochure"  
because the default file will show a presentation that approx tells "I am the default file for VisualVision CDFrontEnd" and I think you want  
to show something else to the users that will insert your CD, don't you  ? The brochure.aeh is the presentation that will be shown when  
the CD is inserted.  
This presentation can be any number of linked pages with texts, images, animated gifs, sounds. You can also place links to .DOC .PDF and also to selfextracting (SFX) .EXE files. The  
program can do a lot of thing but you are not forced to use all functions.  
5. What steps are needed to test a CD  
Once the CD is done, you should just close all programs and insert the disk in the drive. It should autorun and should show your presentation. That's all.  
An example of CD created with CDFrontEnd is the "Trial CD" available  
on the site.  
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Dec 14th, 2002, 5:19am
The fastest way to test the program?  
I think the first thing you can do is to try to burn the test CD.  
The steps are simple:  
- unzip in a temporary directory, say c:\mytmp  
- open a burning program (such as nero) and instruct it to burn the files into the root directory of a CD; say c:\mytmp\CDFrontEnd2_e.exe will go in d:\CDFrontEnd2_e.exe ; c:\mytmp\brochure.aeh will go in c:\brochure.aeh ;  
c:\mytmp\data\InstallDummy.exe will go in d:\data\InstallDummy.exe  
and so on...  
Then test this CD (close all applications and insert the CD in the drive).  
- edit the file brochure.aeh that is in c:\mytmp with EBooksWriter (see posts above for the EBW PDF manual)  
- redo the burning process  
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Dec 14th, 2002, 5:19am
How can I autorun a PowerPoint presentation?  
First, install EBooksWriter and unzip in c:\thetmp (see topic "How to start...").  
Now you just need to create a brochure.aeh file with just one page (maybe just a nice image and a text such as "click here to start").  
To do this, open EBooksWriter (Start >Programs >VisualVision >EBooksWriter) then "File >New".  
Insert the image and the text.  
Say your file is mickey.ppt  
Now select the text and the image and use "Insert >Link".  
Then select the 3rd tab; press Add+, then write  
Maybe your user has not PowerPoint installed.  
So go to:  
(this link is valid today 11/30/2002; if invalid go to and search for "PowerPoint Viewer")  
and download the PowerPoint Viewer.  
Say the file name is PPView97.exe  
Now write on the bottom a small text such as "Click here to install the PowerPoint Viewer; you might need this to see the presentation".  
Now select the text and use "Insert >Link".  
Then select the 3rd tab; Add+, then write  
Now use "File >Save as..." and save the file as brochure.aeh (in c:\thetmp folder)  
Now open your burning program such as Nero or EasyCD.  
Instruct the program to place all files in c:\thetmp inside the CD (e.g. d:\ - in other words c:\thetmp\brochure.aeh will become d:\brochure.aeh and so on for the other files).  
Then instruct your burning program to create a directory called "data" in the CD, and to insert in that directory PPView97.exe and mickey.ppt.  
Burn the CD.  
Close all programs, insert the CD and test it.  

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