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Topic Summary
Posted by: Richard Page Posted on: Jun 11th, 2004, 1:04am
Is it possible to create an Autorun or Autoplay that works on a USB drive or stick?
I want to be able to make a powerpoint on a USB stick/drive run as soon as it is inserted into the laptop....
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Jun 21st, 2004, 4:31pm
Yes, just copy the content of the temporary folder in to the main folder of the USB drive.
Posted by: Cavin O'Neal Posted on: Jul 22nd, 2004, 12:07pm
It is not that easy with Windows XP. XP seems to treat USB removable media differently than CD's. This seem to be a fairly wide spread problem and I have not found a solution.
Posted by: Ian Price Posted on: Sep 11th, 2004, 11:07pm
I am having the same exact problem.  XP treats it as a removable device.  I want to run a flash movie that doesn't require a click or confirmation.  Just runs
Posted by: davidfauthoux Posted on: Oct 26th, 2004, 6:51am
Any new here ? Any solution ?
Posted by: Your MoM's BF Posted on: Nov 10th, 2004, 5:54pm
You will need a special driver for it.
Posted by: litepack Posted on: Mar 30th, 2005, 2:42pm
Any word on this?
Posted by: Pham Anh Vu Posted on: Apr 25th, 2005, 8:34pm
I think you can download Autorun USB 1.0 ( Then you point to the path where you're installed it and copy autorun.usb into your USB Flash. You can custom this file with your purpose...
Posted by: blackbit Posted on: May 24th, 2005, 1:54am
You can use DeskMount for this. It'll cost you 5€ for the full version, but it works great (not like torosoft) and will also automatically add desktop shortcuts for any media you insert/attach to your pc (if you want).
You can disable windows XP's built-in autorun support completely, as DeksMount is fully compatible with autorun.inf files. Except : it can even autorun network drives, ram drives and subst drives!
Posted by: Richard Posted on: May 25th, 2005, 6:07am
Deskmount has to be installed on the PC first.  
What I am seeking is a utility that goes on the USB device that makes it autorun....
I know it can be done and some USB suppliers already ship with this capability.
Posted by: kb Posted on: May 31st, 2005, 7:19am
For every device there is a StorageDeviceProperty data, which describes the device. This has a flag, which specifies, if the device is a "removable media" or not.  
Usually it isn't enabled for the USB drives.
Posted by: cavelord Posted on: Jun 2nd, 2005, 3:11pm
I found a kind of cheating way of doing it.
You must use Microsoft TWEAKUI to create a autohandler for the drive. I then tell it to run a program or batch file when it find a picture on it. I first have to put a .bmp on it, and then XP says, oh you have a picture let me open it with...
I then tell it to run a batch program or you could tell it to use the Autorun.exe file on the usb drive.
any help needed to do this: email me at
P.S. The usb drives that automatically run a program have to usually come with the drive. they are built into the drive itself so it can also fake out the XP to think it is something else.
Update: This only works if you can update the client computer. I do not know of a way yet to run an autorun.inf file yet. You have to change the client's computer to make my idea work!
Posted by: Zero Posted on: Jul 13th, 2005, 12:07am
well, I spent a few moments browsing around and came up with this following solution
Works on all windows systems (if you find one it doesnt, use the existing AutoRun for that system, and place that there)
OPEN=MobileZeroLauncher.exe MobileZero.hta
shellexecute=MobileZeroLauncher.exe MobileZero.hta
shell\Auto\command=MobileZeroLauncher.exe MobileZero.hta
default open for all other versions of windows
tell shellexec (not supported in ALL versions of windows, but it is in XP, and thats the one we're having problems with)
set the menu item "&Autoplay" to the verb "auto"
set the command of the verb "Auto" to the exe
set the icon
set the verb auto to be the default action when the drive is double-clicked
should work, worked fine on my end
ALTHOUGH, if you ever right-click the drive, and hit "open as portable media device" the effects of this can be disabled.
Posted by: kattmarl Posted on: Jul 26th, 2005, 5:28pm
Thanks for the info... does this .inf do exactly what was asked earlier (ie. run on plug-in - WITHOUT a user interaction?)  
Posted by: Richard Page Posted on: Jul 27th, 2005, 1:26pm
I am unclear as to how the solution works?  Is mobilezerolauncher.exe a program that is required?
Posted by: kattmarl Posted on: Jul 27th, 2005, 1:42pm
Hey Richard,
No, I think the previous message was using that as an example program.  I've not tried to create this .inf file yet... let me know if you find a total solution!  I'll reply back if I can confirm this working.
Posted by: Jos Posted on: Aug 13th, 2005, 2:25am
It does not work
Posted by: Will Posted on: Aug 16th, 2005, 6:17am
I've done quite a bit of research on this...
There are programs that you can use to autorun a USB drive - but most need to be first installed/run on a computer.
Hackers have used USB drives for awhile to autorun features while, for example, the password protect [ctrl-alt-delete] screen is up.
They do this by "flashing" the firmware on the USB drive to fool XP into thinking the USB drive is a non-removable device.  With the hardware ID and manufacturers ID changed (to, for example, an IDE ROM drive), XP will allow the drive to autorun and autoplay.
1 - How does one "flash" a USB drive to change the firmware?
2 - Which firmware will work?
3 - Any special hardware required?
Posted by: kattmarl Posted on: Aug 16th, 2005, 9:59am
Hey Will,
Thanks for the insight... I've heard/read the same.  Please let me know if you find answers to those 3 questions!  We can Flash a CMOS..  there should be a way to Flash a USB, right?
Posted by: Will Posted on: Aug 17th, 2005, 3:17am
Thanks for the reply,
I am in the process of ordering custom USB sticks from Japan, that will autoplay, and have a protected memory area.  I need these for work.
There is a program out there called "slurp."  This program was meant for an IPOD to automatically backup, say, /documents and settings/*.*
I need a program that will autorun on my USB stick, and that will automatically copy certain directories in a user's account, such as internet settings, favorites, cookies, temp files, etc.
Any programmers out there that can help?  I suppose a batch file could work, but a compiled .com or .exe would work best.
Posted by: Richard Holmes Posted on: Aug 30th, 2005, 12:42am
I today wrote an '.exe in Delphi-5 that copis files off the C drive into a USB (or anywhere really I suppose) then moves the files in the PC to a "backed up" folder.
It is part of an automated backup system for some datalogging stuff we do.
Only small problem is that I too cannot get the USB drive to autorun the exe.  
Let me know if you can help or are interested.
Regards - Richard
Posted by: will Posted on: Aug 30th, 2005, 6:18am
your program snds great!  I just need to copy, not change the files though.
The USB autorun stick works well! a google for the company name...I haven't been able to flash a normal USB drive yet..
Posted by: matt Posted on: Sep 6th, 2005, 10:40am
Not a true autorun but it works for what I am trying to.  If you add an Action=[text you want] line in your autorun it will add an item to ‘What do you want Windows to do?’
Example autorun.inf:
Action=Start Portable Opera
Posted by: Jackie Posted on: Oct 4th, 2005, 7:39am
Autorun Usb v1.0 works just fine
or u can even write up vbs to loop through drive every 10second or so but this would be lousy way.
any autorun usb is handy one
Posted by: Brandon Posted on: Nov 14th, 2005, 1:17pm
I just wrote this application in the past few days. Should alleviate any problems you have with USB Autorunning much like the other program that was posted. However, I'm not sure if the other one works with multiple USB devices - this one does. If you have any problems please reply to this thread or send me an e-mail or MSN to brandon-at-kmgsoftware-dot-com.
Tested and developed on Windows XP w/ .NET Framework v1.1
Posted by: Brandon Posted on: Nov 30th, 2005, 4:09pm
New address:
Posted by: katt marl Posted on: Nov 30th, 2005, 6:55pm
Hey there!
I tried the link - no joy.  Is the FTP down?
Posted by: Brandon Posted on: Dec 1st, 2005, 3:30pm
Yes for some reason IE did not like my last link. I just tested this one and it works, enjoy!

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