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Topic Summary
Posted by: Siby Posted on: Jun 16th, 2005, 12:58pm
I've created a CD that contains:
# Adobe Reader 7.0 application on it including all necessary dlls to run from the CD.
# PDF file named title.pdf
# an html webpage named index.html with a button linking to title.pdf on the CD.
The purpose of this CD is so that when a user pops this CD into their computer the "index.html" webpage launches automatically by default. From that webpage the user clicks a button that points to the Reader7.0 app ON THE CD, launches it, and has it run from the CD. Not only does it launch the app but opens the title.pdf file as well.
The PROBLEM I'm having is
1. When the button link is clicked the user is prompted with a decision to save or load the app. I don't want this message to come up.
2. When the user gets past this prompt, it loads the Reader app but not the particular file to be viewed.
Any help is appreciated. Thanks
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Jun 20th, 2005, 6:39am
Hi! With CDFrontEnd you don't need to insert the HTML file (an HTML file works ONLY if a browser is correctly installed on the end user PC).
With CDFrontEnd it is very simple to create a page that permits to the end user both/either to install the Acrobat Reader and/or to see the PDF file (autorun autoplay a PDF file
As per what you say, usually it is preferable to put on the CD the self-installing exe file for Acrobat/Adobe Reader then let the user decide if he really needs to install, instead.
In any case with CDFE you can run applications without confirm, either:
- make sure you disabled the save/exec prompt (if you used Insert >Link then 4th tab, there is a checkbox that does disable it)
- use the run: command that runs external files. You find a lot of examples of the run: usage within the Tutorials (hit F1; there is an example where you create a simple CD with PDF files) or within the PDF manual...
Our main quick tutorials are online:
- how to run external files
- autorun autoplay a PDF file
- autorun autoplay a Power Point presentation (PowerPoint PPS, PPT)
- create an autorun CD
- autorun a file passing it to a program
Some common errors / problems / mistakes when creating an autoplay CD brochure (or presentation, CD business card, catalogue, etc.) are listed within these topics:
common CD problems #1
common CD problems #2
common CD problems #3
Posted by: PJ Mead Posted on: Oct 5th, 2005, 2:37pm
I wanted to create a autorun CD with menu for selecting and running video segments (MPEG-1) that would be used for service and training CDs; and some documentation.
I've tried to run files (with Insert >Link to external file and the run: feature) but it seems it doesn't work.
Please help...
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Oct 5th, 2005, 2:41pm
The only potential problem when you run external files is that the stuff does NOT work in preview (where within the editor) or with the TEST button.
You must actually burn a CD (example, using a CDRW).
The link process is the one explained within the tutorial (how to run external files). Quickly, if you want to run (say) the file:
that is burned in the root of the CDROM, you:
- select a text block (e.g. click here to run)
- Insert >Link
- click 3rd tab
- press the Add + button
- you type
That's all.
For the images (e.g. the image of a button or any other image), you right click the image, use "Define link", and then all is as above.
There is a full CD example (a zip file that contains everything has to be burned on CD) available at:
Just burn the content of the CD within the root of a CD, test the CD, it will work. This example uses the run: links with fake files...
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Jun 4th, 2008, 11:58am
CDFrontEnd can run applications at startup (simultaneusly to CDFrontEnd, it shows the first/cover page and it runs these applications)
To do this, you must create a CD in the temporary folder the standard way (see PDF manual, or tutorials as above).
Then within the temporary folder (before you burn the CD) open the file autorun.inf (if you double click it in the MS Windows File Explorer, it should open in the MS Windows Notepad), and under the section [autorun], add lines like this
...there are already some things here... add what follows...
the run mode can be NORMAL MAXIMIZED or MINIMIZED.
Obviously you should not add too much things.

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