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Topic Summary
Posted by: Tiendra Severino Posted on: Aug 20th, 2007, 6:07am
I am having a problem when I try to burn my finished product. I was able to do it before with no problem. I keep getting an error saying it was unable to burn and that my disc is no longer good. I have already wasted 5 cds this way and we have to send the master out for duplication! I am really disappointed that you do not have a phone number I can call! I have to finish this project today!!!!!
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Aug 20th, 2007, 6:08am
You should contact your burner device (hardware) vendor, or the burning software vendor (Nero, Roxio, etc.). CDFrontEnd can't be responsible of burning problems!!
If your CD burner hardware is broken, you may zip the CD files then send them to the duplicator by email (tell them to place the files into the root folder of the CD). Or you may put them into a USB key drive - a normal 1GB pen drive can store an entire CD.
P.S. Personally, I don't understand why you should prefer to wait 30 minutes on the phone listening horrible music / then speak with underpaid call center personnel rather than receive precise (and usually fast) email support from expert technicians.
Posted by: Tiendra Severino Posted on: Aug 20th, 2007, 6:15am
At first, the problem I was encountering was there was too much data on the cd. The cd holds 702 mb and I had 712 mb. So, I removed exactly 10 mb. Now it goes through the process of burning but stops at about 10% and tells me there was a problem burning my disc. I have been able to burn other discs, so it is definately NOT my cd burner. I'm really happy you responded right away, but I know for sure it is not my cd burner. Is there any other possible reason?
Posted by: Tiendra Severino Posted on: Aug 20th, 2007, 6:22am
Thank you for responding so quickly. Actually, my CD burner works just fine on everything else I try to burn. The original problem I was having with this project was I had too much data on the cd. The disc holds 702 mb, I had 712 mb. So I removed 10 mb. Now it goes through the process of starting to burn, then stops at about 10% and says there was a problem burning and that my disc is now unusable. Is there any other explanation for this? I can't just put the files on a zip or travel drive, because if the cd goes to duplication with this error, we don't want to pay for 1,000 discs that won't play.
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Aug 20th, 2007, 6:24am
1) bad CD quality: try another CD brand or try a lower burning speed (e.g. 8x instead of 48x )
2) there is a program that you are running while you burn and this program uses a lot of PC resources (e.g. media player with complex video clip; video game; ??virus ? ) so the burner got out of data because the PC can not supply quickly sufficient data: shut down this program and/or try a lower burning speed (e.g. 8x )
3) some problems with your burning software (rare): try to switch to another software
4) the CD burner got broken right now: try with another CD burner (e.g. borrow an external CD burner from a friend). And I know you wrote it used to work...  it can suddendly broke... this is happened to me (actually at home, not here)... 50 CDs without problems, then I had to replace it.......
Posted by: Tiendra Severino Posted on: Aug 20th, 2007, 6:29am
Well, let's see. I'm using Memorex cdrs. That's about as top of the line as it gets. I have windows XP which comes with it's own cd burner, never had this problem with it before. Don't have a choice as far as I know as to the speed of the burner, it is built in. And finally, this is the only program I am running so it can't be a resource issue. I have to shut down now and go to work. My boss won't be happy but if I can get this sorted out by tomorrow I think I can salvage my job :-|
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Aug 20th, 2007, 6:31am
P.S: there are no chances that the burning error is related to the cd CONTENT. A CD burner is completely agnostic about the content. If the content is defective, and everything else is right, the CD burner will burn the defective content without any problem and any error.
You can safely put the content on a zip disk or USB key drive or whatever: you can test this: copy the cd content to a USB drive, then with the MSWindows File Explorer open the drive and double click CDFE_e (or CDFE_e.exe depending on your display settings). It will run correctly.
Well: in case it won't run, it means you have serious problems on your PC!

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