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Topic Summary
Posted by: Dynasty Posted on: Apr 10th, 2008, 5:41am
Is there a way to run a background audio file across multiple pages, e.g. multiple slides in the slide show feature? Please let me know.
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Apr 10th, 2008, 6:05am
Yes you can do this with a trick.
To have a background music play without interruption, you need that the page that contains the music component (the one you insert with Insert >Animation / Video / Sound) stay there.
You can do this by using frames, e.g. in the first page you use a frame set, maybe with a very small frame on the top and a large frame on the bottom(a), and you place the audio on the small frame.
Or (b) maybe you place the audio in the page then you use a large floating frame.
Then you apply the slides feature not to the first page, but to the frame.  
To do this is not complicated, but if you don't know how frames work you can get a bit nervous.
So now I try to explain a secure way to make things working (it's not the fastest one but people expert with the VisualVision frame management will find the fastest way by theirselves)
First of all, you must assure with the Advanced frameset manager that the frame (a) or (b) (the first page of the slideshow) is a brand new page.  
To do this:
if (a), choose "Format >Advanced frameset manager", then it will show the current layout on the right. Click on the large frame, it will become selected. On the left menu, now choose "new"; then OK. When in the editor, type ABC in the frame (so will be auto-assigned as page title), then File >Save
if (b), before inserting the floating frame with "Insert >Floating frame", create a brand new page with Insert >New page, then type on the page ABC that will be autoassigned as page title, then use Insert >Floating frame, and from the page list choose ABC
Now, with Hypertext >Go to page, go to page ABC. This will be the first page of your slideshow (you can set the second page with Format >Page properties and the tab "More functions, slides".
Now you can go on (edit page ABC, create the other slides or link to them if already created, etc)...
Please notice that this trick works also for links (e.g. say you don't have slides, you want that a click on a link that is within page ABC don't stop the music): the only must is to use Special Links only, and to choose special links that do change the "current page" (the one in the frame), so the page in the frame changes, while the other one that contains the music does not change, and the music continues to play (as you can now understand, the trick basically is simple - a section with the music background stay there and the music play, the other section moves! )
Posted by: Roger Terence Barrow Posted on: Apr 11th, 2008, 8:09am
Hi, I tried following the procedure. However I can't get only one frame to show the slide show. It is still treating the entire frameset as a page. How do I apply the slides to just one frame?  
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Apr 11th, 2008, 9:30am
follow the second part of the explain.
To apply the slideshow just to one frame, you must  
1)first go to that frame with a right click on the frame and then choose "Edit frame" from the popup menu.
Please notice that the page number (in the box on the bottom center) must change when you do this. Otherwise the frame coincides with the master frame of the page (this is impossible if you actually follow the instructions above, that actually we wrote in a way so precise just to avoid this case), and the slide show will change all the page (all the frames on the page)
2) when you are editing the frame alone, use Format >Page properties and apply the slideshow.
Then go back to the page with frames.

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