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(Message started by: M-Axon on Feb 2nd, 2003, 3:58am)

Title: Getting Started Quickly
Post by M-Axon on Feb 2nd, 2003, 3:58am
Firstly best regards to everyone - I am a new user wanting to do the following.

I want to create a front end similar to the CDFE1 example that I have downloaded from your website.

1 front screen linking to 4 sub screens, typically one screen would run pdf's one would run pps's etc. I can only seem to get front ends to run as aeh files and really want them saved as an exe file just like the cdfe1

Can anyone help - has anyone got a sample front end as described above that they could e-mail me to use as a template

Best Regards


Title: Re: Getting Started Quickly
Post by Support Staff on Feb 4th, 2003, 10:29am
Just press F1 then Tutorials for learning how to start EXE files.
There isn't so much science.
As per your email to the support staff, we created for you a sample CD.
You can download it from:

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