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(Message started by: Support Staff on Mar 2nd, 2003, 11:36am)

Title: autorunning an exe file...
Post by Support Staff on Mar 2nd, 2003, 11:36am
I've just replied to a series of emails to the support staff, and I think that at least the last one will be useful.

> I thank you for your last e-mail, but I'm still not able to make an AutoRun.exe file. After splashing out on CD FrontEnd I am still not quite satisfied with the Help Notes, which I feel do not apply to me, or, I just cannot get to grips with them!

Aehm... the program can not make an autorun.exe file. The program can create an autorun CD. This means, if you at least read some of the tutorials (F1), then you will obtain a CD that inserted in the CD drive will run, and show a presentation (= hyperlinked pages, images, video, etc).

> Firstly I would like to import an exe.program which has been put through a compiler. Can I do this?
> In your Notes you say "It is very simple to place links to an exe file."; But how do I import this exe program?

An "exe program" can not be "imported". But of course you can run an exe program. Now I realize what you need...

To run an external exe program, just open CDFrontEnd, create a new file, then write a text on the first page (for example "Click here to see XYZ"), select it, use "Insert>Links to external file", press "Add +" button, then write:


where you must replace theexe.exe with the real name of your exe file (with your burning software, you will put that file inside a folder called "thepath" inside the CD).

Instead of a text, you can insert in the first CDFrontEnd page a picture, then please select it, right mouse button, "Define >Link", 3rd tab, then use "Add +" and proceed like above.

Then just use the File >Create CD function.
Then burn a CD where the files created in the MyTemp folder will go into the CD root, while the file called "theexe.exe" (or whatever) will go in the folder "thepath"

> What I want to do is to create an AutoRun for a program / presentation that has been compiled with another software (not one that will be created with CD FrontEnd).
> With regards "creating the presentation", I have already done this elsewhere with frames and templates and put it through a compiler.

Ok, so proceed like above. The user will insert the CD, will see the text "click here" or the picture, will click, and the exe will be started.
CDFrontEnd would be intended as a stand-alone tool for creating the presentation also. It is actually a "autorun CD + presentation" creator rather than a simple "autorun CD" creator.

Another time that you will create a presentation, you might consider creating it within CDFrontEnd. This time I think it's better to proceed like explained above so you'll
save time.

Title: Re: autorunning an exe file...
Post by Support Staff on Mar 13th, 2003, 11:51am
Again we must say that CDFrontEnd can do a lot more than just autorunning files, but I have a step by step sequence that might be interesting for someone of you.

1) as far as I have understood, you want to create an autorun CD that
will run some exe file you have.

2) let's call this exe file you want to autorun MICKEY.EXE (I don't
know the name so I must invent a name for sample purpose).

3) open the MSWindows explorer, and create an empty folder in your
C:\ drive. Call it MYTEMP. So C:\MYTEMP

4) open the CDFrontEnd with Start >Programs >VisualVision >CDFrontEnd

5) use "File >New"

6) with the keyboard, type this text
"Click here to see mickey"

7) select the text with the mouse

8) use "Insert >Link"

9) select the 3rd tab

10) press Add+

11) you will see an edit stuff with a cursor, write

12) press OK

13) use "File >Save". Save the file as C:\ANICENAME.AEH
You can use any other name you want.

14) use "File >Create autorun CD in temporary folder...". You will be
prompted for a temporary folder that will contain the copy of the CD.
Choose the c:\MYTEMP you created in step 3.

15) Open EasyCD (or Nero, or WinOnCD) and burn the temporary folder
AND the MICKEY.EXE file into the root of a CD.
In the simplest case, the root of the resulting CD will contain the

16) Burn the CD

17) reboot all

18) insert the CD and will autorun

If you want a custom splash screen, simply replace the gold.gif image that is in the CD root (also gold.jpg is fine, but delete gold.gif in case). This function is available for CDFrontEnd GOLD only.

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