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(Message started by: DVD author on Feb 21st, 2008, 11:51am)

Title: DVD extra content
Post by DVD author on Feb 21st, 2008, 11:51am
When I author a DVD, it will play in DVD players, computers with DVD codec, etc.  The DVD authoring program has an extra feature where I can insert DVD-ROM content.  Have you ever rented a movie from BlockBuster and it says on the case that it is web enhanced, meaning that when you put the DVD in a computer it has extra features that can only be seen on a computer.  Well, they use DVD authoring programs that allow them to create DVD-ROM content to be inserted on the DVD.  Now if the DVD is inserted on a DVD player you will not have access to those features.  Back to my question, my DVD authoring program gives me that option to insert DVD-Rom content, so if I create the ROM content from CDFE and insert it in my DVD authoring program will it work in a computer?  I understand that if I put it in my TV's DVD player the Rom content created will not play, but what about a computer.  Will the created Rom content automatically show up if I were to put the DVD in a computer?

Title: Re: DVD extra content
Post by Support Staff on Feb 21st, 2008, 12:01pm
The response is Yes, provided that you burn the DVD correctly.
Of course, on some PCs, Windows (or other launcher programs that the user may have installed) may try to run both the DVD/video content and the DVD/data-rom/extra content, but usually they at least provide the end user a choice on what to run.

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