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(Message started by: Darryl Crow on Mar 28th, 2008, 10:15pm)

Title: Bad support
Post by Darryl Crow on Mar 28th, 2008, 10:15pm
I have purchased the bundle with the 3D Button Visual Editor included. I got the cdfrontend part after a longer than expected delay (and having to request it) and I received the 3D part (after asking for it also) but not the activation code and have had only nonsense from the "support team" at multimediasoft since. I have been advised that they have canceled their part of my bundle because I am impolite! I have had no refund however so see this as an internet vendor not supplying the goods after accepting payment. I dont want a refund anyway, I want what I paid for. It was all paid for in good faith through the VV buying system. I am of the opinion that the activation system is over the top and the only excuses given for not receiving stuff is computer firewalls and ISP's (mine). This excuse was used by multimediasoft but I see it is used often in the VV documentation also. Are these companies one in the same?? Am I going to get what I paid for?? The "support" from the supplier [of part of what I paid for] (I of course didnt know it came from two different places) is a misnomer. >:( >:( >:(

Title: Re: communication problems / not receiving emails
Post by Support Staff on Mar 29th, 2008, 5:27am
We are in business since 1998 (and some of our products are born "free" in 1996) and we do always send the product you purchase. Definitely.
Also we do always provide support. Definitely.

In case you are unable to receive our emails, or you experience delays, we strongly suggest you to disable your email filters (anti-spam etc.) and/or ask your email provider to do so.
100% of the "bad support" problems are caused to the fact that either:

1) we do not receive your emails - solution: to use the contact form or for general issues this forum

2) we do reply, but you do not receive the email. Sometimes you receive only some of the emails (reasons: some antispam software and/or some ISPs have a "content filter" that do kill/delete the emails that "seem" spam; some payment receipt, some registration / personal key emails are very often killed because they contain the "bad" word "credit card" or other words that are very often used by spammer and fraudsters / "phishers"; other reason: sometimes part of our replies go into the Bulk Junk or Spam folder that some email provider has - such as Yahoo or Gmail)
Solution: to always include in your email message an alternative email address you own on another provider (e.g. ), this way we will be able to reply.

As for your specific issue...
What I can say generically is that we (= VisualVision, founded 1996) do sell some product bundled with MultimediaSoft's 3D Button. MultimediaSoft (it is another company) is not so patient as us, and when they have impolite customers (or they think the customer is not polite) they do refund or ask us to refund their quote - unfortunately we must do what they ask. We apologize in case MultimediaSoft actually replied with nonsense - we will blame them for this but in case they initiated a partial refund for 3D buttons, we must comply and we do it within one business day (US central time). Please allow some days for the refund to show on your credit card statement: banks are fast to get the money, slow to give it back.

As for your specific issue please provide your Order Number (if possible please email support or use the contact form as said above, as it is not so good to use the general forum for a specific issue).

Thank you for your patience.

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