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Topic Summary
Posted by: americamba Posted on: Sep 20th, 2002, 9:10am
Hi, Things are moving nicely. I love the layout that I put together, real nice useful links, the options for the tables are great.  I love the way EBW inserts the audio panel, etc. etc.
BUT... I have a lot of sound files in my book  and my .exe is about 3 megs. This is too slow to download or to send as email , and I don't want the CD solution. I want people to get it off the web.
I thought of RealAudio which I have on my server. This would make the file MUCH much smaller without the embedded audio!! But it starts off fine but then stops and gives an
REalAudio error message. I think it should work because you can link to any other external website out of an EBW page.  But since REalAudio is a special kind of operation, maybe it is impossible.
I would appreciate knowing if there is a way to address a RealAudio file that I have on my server out of my ebook on the web. Or should I give up. I guess any techie savvy people may be able to help me, or maybe the support staff. I need a definitive answer because if it never will be possible, I will start to break the book up into pieces or some other less than desirable solution.
Thanks,  Frank
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Sep 20th, 2002, 5:36pm
Any external link should work fine.
However, usually an ebook is intended as "stand alone" product, you can't suppose your readers will be connected to the Internet while reading it.
They might have a laptop and might be on the beach
Posted by: americamba Posted on: Sep 21st, 2002, 12:56pm
Forgive me, but with all respect, that was not a satisfactory answer. I appreciate the answer but let me try to explain myself better.
I wondered if anyone knows about RealAudio and its characteristics.  I know that external links "should work fine". I mentioned in my post that other external links DO work fine. But my question was about RealAudio.
I also know that it is more "usual" to distribute a standalone product. I would love to  do it.  But I have to count on people using my product while on line. Any suggestions as to how to  get people to download a 5 megabyte ebook? It takes 25 minutes so obviously is no good.  
I don't want a CD for other reasons (the people I want to reach are in countries with customs and import probalems).  
So I opted for ReaLAudio. They can be fed the audio while online. I perfectly realize that they will not always be on line but I need help how to do it the way I am interested in doing.
I hope that someone has an answer to my original post (which you might read for full detail) . Anyone know for sure how to call RealAudio from within an EBW ebook?
Thanks, FRank
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Sep 23rd, 2002, 9:42am
Real Audio has its own protocol. You can link to real audio files only within a Web browser that support its protocol.
This is because a Real Audio is not really downloaded but uses a different stream tecnique.
So you can add a link that will start the browser with the real audio file, but unfortunately you can't embed a real audio within an ebook. Or, if it is possible, we don't know how .
Hope this is more clear.
Posted by: Dai Posted on: May 28th, 2003, 3:58pm
try looking at windows media encoder. this will shrink your sound and avi files down to a smaller size.
Posted by: Dai Posted on: May 28th, 2003, 3:59pm
Posted by: Wayne Wymore Posted on: Jun 13th, 2003, 1:42am
I believe that if you check out the website you will find that they offer a streaming media server product that you will need to install on your website in order to allow someone to download your audio as a stream.  One way around this is to find a weab hosting company that has already set this up and will allow you to use it.  Some have an additional fee and some include it in a package deal.
Another option would be to allow someone to download the audio files as files.  I believe the extension you would use for that is .rm
Once they download them they can play them with the RealOne player.
Good Luck!  

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