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Topic Summary
Posted by: Andy Young Posted on: Jun 3rd, 2003, 5:50am
Sorry to be mentioning one of the competition e-book writers, but does anyone have any knowledge / experience of e-book pro (EBP) compared to EBW?
I have checked out their website but don't have as much interractivity as on the EBW site.  
As I have yet to purchase software, I need to decide between these two.
On the basis of what I have seen though, I think it will be the EBW - just need reassuring!
Comments from moderators also gratefully recieved!
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Jun 5th, 2003, 11:08am
To be frank I've never tested it (I should ask to someone else here), from the home page it seems to me an "HTML compiler" so it's likely you need an external editor and then this will "compact" external files in an ebook.
It seems it have some additional features for distributing delivering the ebook if you bought another software of them.
Of course just a fast read so I might be wrong.
In my work at the support staff I remember an email from a customer that said that he tried (or if I am right he actually bought) ebook Pro then decided to purchase EBooksWriter, but I can't find who...
If you are that guy and you are reading, please post a comment here
Posted by: Andy Young Posted on: Jun 6th, 2003, 2:32am
Yes, the e-book pro software is an HTML compiler. As far as I can make out, you have to format . compile your e-book in MS Word, save the content as an HTML file, then offer this file up to the e-book pro software which then makes the e-book.
The additional software, which can work alongside thet of e-book pro, is mailloop. In using the two together, you can distribute your e-book automatically whilst gathering information for future marketing purposes.
If anyone (especially the person mentioned who has used / bought this software) has any info on it's usability, I would be grateful for the feedback.
Still think I'll go for the EBW though, but you never know!
Posted by: Bob Gabardy Posted on: Jul 3rd, 2004, 3:10pm
I just found enough time to wander through the forum, so I'm late. But I figured that others would be looking for substance on this subject, and the date becomes unimportant.
After spending a small fortune buying hypertext applications for "full-field" testing, I came to this conclusion: Most vendor's ebook products lack certain features and/or require supporting products; their own or that of others. Put together a package that does everything VV packages do, and you will find that VV's stuff is more economical in the end.  
Want to put together an ebook (for example)? The VV product takes you from the beginning to the end product as a standalone. Turn on the computer, bring up the VV product and have a deliverable ready to go when you shut the computer down! It's a standalone and it does it all.
No...I have no connection or interest in VV, except using their  products.
Posted by: Bill Buysse Posted on: Sep 30th, 2004, 9:49am
I have actually purchased e book pro and mail loop and haven't been able to use them yet. It is a compiler and you have to create your document to be HTML friendly to work in e book. I have 6 manauls in a .ppp extension that I've been trying to convert over without re-doing them and have found e book to be very finicky. Aside from that, their support has been less than helpful - but, their talking to someone who has NO experience (and doesn't want to) in HTML.  Looking like I can at least copy and paste into e Books to facilitate what I want to do. Gonna return e book pro and invest in e books soon.
Posted by: george Posted on: Dec 29th, 2004, 6:43am
please if anyone has experience with mailloop i would be greatfull to contact me in my email.
I really need help how to use it and i can even contribute for your time to explain me.

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