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Topic Summary
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Jul 25th, 2003, 4:24pm
Just received an email with an interesting subject.
Hello!  Is what you are saying that this software can do is if I entered my credit card information and made a selection that I could download and print a book from my screen.  Is there a minimum of the number of pages that you can print, say quantities as small as one or 2 pages?
Will it interface with marketplaces like msn's?
This is interesting because actually some competitors does offer a proprietary solution for the ebook selling.
We don't want to do this as we don't want you be forced to stay with us for the selling of your book. This would be a limit.
With EBooksWriter you can create a compact selfextracting ebook (it can be saved as exe file).
The selling / downloading is another issue. You should manage it in order to get the maximum profit.
There are few options:
1)There are several selling services that can manage selling and downloading. One is If you subscribe with them, you can set up things in order the end user will enter CC info, and so it will download the ebook file (swreg will store the file for you, and allow the download for purchasers only).
We just recommend it, there are several others.
2)You can use another credit card servic (usually you set up an order form and you receive an email with user's data when someone do purchase), then put a *passworded* ebook for download on your Web site (say with 2 free pages, the rest password protected), then email the password to purchasers only.
3)You can sell the ebook through ebay or so; then email download instructions and password to the purchasers (as for 2 you need your own Web site to store the ebook file)
As said, our software manages the creation of the ebook. We do not force any proprietary solution for the selling (this way you can choose what you like, and possibly change if you found a better option).
Hope this helps
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Nov 28th, 2003, 10:31am
We've just received another email about Ebook creation, website show, distribution, selling.
I think it is worth to copy it as it is a very common question for novices .
I am a published children's book author through a traditional publisher.  But I have written [...] that I would like to make available by ebook, since [...].
Can I use your program to turn my books into ebooks?  Can I sell them from my website using your program?  How would I do the sales and download?  How would I find out how to do the credit card thing?  How would people trust putting their card in?
You are talking about three separate things:
1) to create a compact redistributable ebook (maybe protected)
2) to put the ebook file on a website
3) take CC payments
For 1) you can use EBooksWriter. It is a professional and easy to use visual tool for creating and protecting an ebook. You can start from scratch and have a compact redistributable ebook file (I say "a" but actually you can produce infinite ebooks).
You can also import text and images created with different programs.
For 2) you need a Web space and a Website creator program (if you don't have one, you can get our "1SITE", we also have a bundle offer "EBooksWriter PRO + 1SITE", i.e. you can get both products with a very good discount. See the offer on - for more info about 1SITE, ). The Website will show your works and so will act as store / showroom.
For 3) you can use a merchant account and a SSL stuff on your Web space (ask your host; you might also need a web expert guy for this) or you can simply use a third party service such as (they can also deliver the ebook file to the purchaser just after the purchase).
Both solutions do use an https:// server, technically speaking, this is a very secure method (actually it is more sure than to use a credit card into a physical shop - the most of the so called "internet fraud" does happen this way: the theft copy your CC number when you use the card into a physical store, then he/she use the card to purchase a good over the Internet). When a site is "https://" an icon with a padlock or a key does show in the browser, and this guarantees a secure encrypted connection (nobody can see the credit card data, even the FBI would have serious problems).
Posted by: batistajm Posted on: Apr 23rd, 2004, 3:52pm
For the last part you can also have a look into
Share-it has in my opinion an advantage: it is able to communicate with your clients in several languages ( with me, it was the portuguese language availability that did the trick ).
Another plus is that they can process credit card orders by fax, not only through the internet.
Plus there are no fixed or upfront fees whatsoever, they just charge you a commission.
You yourself have to be able to communicate in english or german with them.
PS: I know this sounds a lot like advertising but believe me I do not have any other ties to share-it besides selling some stuff through them.

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