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Topic Summary
Posted by: Asking Posted on: Oct 21st, 2003, 10:44am
What stops Person A from getting your locked book and posting it on their website with their email address and password? Then person B downloads it and enters both the email address and password of person A. Will this open the file?  
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Oct 22nd, 2003, 5:04am
You pointed out an interesting question.
In case, they must post their full name and email, and so they will tell to the World they are theft.
A more strong protection is to look the stuff to the PC (HDD, microprocessor, system configuration), but this is not handy as what happens if the people changes the PC, upgrades something, HDD crashes etc... this makes it complicated for the honest people, that want to buy your book and then don't want to bother to ask a new code each time there is a change. They will hate you in case!
You can add an additional protection with a private download. There are services for this (they can generate a special URL that will be invalid after 3 attempts), to say
It is pretty impossible someone can post your whole ebook on a site, as an ebook is usually about 1-2MB or more, so usually not ok for "free" sites. They don't allow file downloads, specially if you have a lot of hits (with a "free" pirated book, you'll have). If the site is a non-free one, you email to the host ("hey, your client is distributing a stoled work!") and they terminate the account within minutes, be assured .
And, last but not least, the protections are for keeping the honest people honest. The non-honest will never purchase .
Posted by: Asking Posted on: Oct 22nd, 2003, 8:52am
You provided a very honest answer. You should be commended for doing that.  
However, it is so easy today for people to have a yahoo website and email and fake name. So someone could be annoymous and give the book away.  
How does the internet service provider know that the person is a theif? How do you prove that the work doesn't belong to the dishonest person? The answer is - only a court can prove the work belongs to you and you can't go to court for every violation.  
So this REQUIRES that the copy protection you provide be stronger and lock the file to an ID of either the HD or Chip or something.
Plus with Peer to Peer its very easy to have your own FTP site. Most hackers will have this. So size of file doesn't matter.  
You are right about honest people being honest. But we've seen with music that many people are tempted to 'sneak' a copy if it seems like a 'minor' offense. Basically people will help themself to NOT paying if they can.  
I've worked in the rebate industry and have seen entire websites where someone takes a retail coupon and a promotion number and publishes it to the site so that everyone can use it. Its cost promotion companies hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is the same issue here. Its not uncommon.  
Unfortunately, people should know that your protection doesn't even require breaking into it. It simply requires that someone tell the world how they got in and everyone can follow.  
In this case each author must decide if their intellectual property really is safe.  
Posted by: Kevin Ramone Posted on: Oct 22nd, 2003, 2:05pm
Is this true?
I'm very concerned. I thought my password kept our ebooks safe.
Posted by: Cindy Yu Posted on: Oct 22nd, 2003, 2:20pm
If you think its hard or unlikely to loose your copywrited work you MUST LOOK AT THIS ARTICLE@!
Posted by: Goofy Dog Posted on: Oct 22nd, 2003, 2:32pm
Apple iDisks store 100mb of data. I password protected my book and copied to Apple iDisk. Then I downloaded from to work computer. It oppened right away.
How can this be? This isn't safe.
Posted by: Bart Simpson Posted on: Oct 23rd, 2003, 10:45am

  A Y    C A R U M B A  !!!
Posted by: Ben Dover Posted on: Oct 23rd, 2003, 12:02pm
Security is not something to be taken lightly.
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Oct 23rd, 2003, 2:36pm
Apple iDisks store 100mb of data. I password protected my book and copied to Apple iDisk. Then I downloaded from to work computer. It oppened right away.  
so you forgot to apply a password!
An EbooksWriter's ebook can not be opened without password.
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Oct 23rd, 2003, 3:05pm
However, it is so easy today for people to have a yahoo website and email and fake name. So someone could be annoymous and give the book away.
Well, when you sell the ebook you should check people's identity.
Rest assured that Yahoo and any other site do shut down thiefs. To have a valid proof that the ebook is yours, simply save it onto a CD and send it to yourself in a sealed envelope by registered mail. This is sufficient for the legal side of the story, and costs you a few dollars.
Any free site when it has to choose between shutting down the site XY and take the risk of a legal action, do shut down.
Basically you are saying that if someone get your book with a stolen credit card, and put it on a free website that does allow downloads (yahoo and many others does no longer allow) or maybe start exchanging it with peer to peer (it is likely this is the only available solution), ok, the ebook can be robbed. But this implies at least 2 penal crimes. It would be less risk for the theft to rob your PC at home.
The degree of protection of EBooksWriter's ebook is the same of our own software protection (all the VisualVision products).
We are still in business (since 1996).
Please understand that it is really bad to lock something on the HardDisk ID or on a CHIP id or to hardware configuration.
The end user won't spend one dollar for a thing that he may have to trash if he changes PC and (cross your fingers) you are no longer in business.
This is a fact and is an important factor in the purchase process (specially for businesses = where the money is).
It is important to protect your work but it is more important to sell.
Also an hardware protection like this can be unprotected by a pirate. They can diffuse an unprotected copy if the protected one is locked.
Please understand that once a thing is in a digital form, it can be copied.
EBooksWriter do supply the maximum degree of protection accettable without driving the honest end user (your readers, you must care about them!) crazy.
The video-game industry do use the maximum available level of protection, they create special CDs with special glass masters, so the CD is different from normal CDRs at a physical level.
And these games are still copied.
By people that would never purchase them, mostly because they haven't any money.
If your possible client has the money to purchase your book, he won't waste his time trying to stole it. Always remember that copying is a crime, prosecuted in all civilized countries, often with penal consequences (jail).
I know that an absolute protection would be nice.
Unfortunately, we live in a real word.
Anyone that tells you about definitely secure protections, lies.
However if your work is good, people will purchase. You will receive wonderful emails from your clients (... I have just had one in the support inbox ), and this will compensate for the bad people. Hell for them!
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Oct 23rd, 2003, 3:14pm
Little addenda: as it is not the first time that some people is more comfortable with a PC-locked password (or any other kind of one-time password), in any case I'll ask to the programmers if it is possible to add this as optional feature.
My idea is it should be added on the top (so you will be able to apply it to existing AEH ebooks).
Posted by: Asking Posted on: Oct 24th, 2003, 6:54am
All I know is that the wired story shows that its very easy for bad intentioned people to not only steal from you but ALSO make it easy for the whole world to steal from you.  
Take for example in the gaming industry. UBI Soft, a serious and competant game publisher produces Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon. A game that probably generates more then a million dollars of revenue for the company. It has copy protection to the CD. Everytime you start it, it checks to see if the CD is in the drive. Well, some hackers broke that protection and provide in common gaming forums the code you can download to break it on your machine. Its common knowledege. Everybody does it. And most alarming, they broke the protection for FREE. So someone spent time and resources just to do it.  
The point is, to the authors here, you must realize that if you have something of value, you have, at best,  a modest protection mechanism. If it works for you great. But I would say you are only going to keep the grandmothers that buy your work from copying it.
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Nov 1st, 2003, 6:09am
Hum... I wouldn't say that 128 bit encryption is a "modest" protection. Nobody can read your book / catalog / manual without the password(s).
A possible theft must stole both the file and the password(s), and it must be able distributing both. I think it is useful to repeat that a "free" site doesn't allow you to distribute files for download, and both free and paid hosts are very sensible to copyright questions.
A simple email to the host does shut down a "bad" site within minutes, and both USA and any european country have a special department against hackers that can be usually reached from the Internet. There is the chance that some chinese people can stole, but in any case they don't have any money.
The grandmother comparation is silly (sorry). Nobody can broke the EBooksWriter protection.  
The ebook protection provided by EBooksWriter is comparable to an armour-plated door for your house. It isn't 100% secure, but it helps.
As said in the previous post any protection (CD protection, hardware key) can be broken: EBooksWriter provides the maximum available practical protection.
As for the door, it is not possible to provide a better protection, unless you want to live in a stainless steel house without windows and doors. If there is a door that can be opened by you or your readers, it can potentially be opened by others. That's all.
EBooksWriter does provide a protection that works in the real world. By the way it is far better than the one that is provided with Microsoft .LIT and Adobe PDF (but I won't bet you will find someone in these companies as frank as us...).
We use the same protection for our own products, and we are still here (since 1996). And our clients are not 100% grandmothers .
Please understand that we are definitely sure about this, or it would have been simpler for us to delete this whole thread. We can do this with a single click....
But we aren't here to tell you tales about ultra-secure protections (like some competitors tried to do by posting in this same forum).
We are here to provide practical solutions for real life.
Posted by: Carrie Morris Posted on: Nov 3rd, 2003, 8:08am

Your ARMOURED door has a Trojan Horse!
What good is encryption if the key is not unique?  
What good is an armored door if a child can leave the key under the door mat?  
You guys must be sm*k*ng really good weed.  
The Adobe solution that I posted was the same level of encryption as you. The difference was that the KEY IS NOT UNDER THE DOOR MAT.
Authors BEWARE !!!!
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Nov 17th, 2003, 11:31am
Please stop spamming our forum. This is really unprofessional from a competitor.
Our key is not under the door mat. There's no way to guess it or to recover it. It can be duplicated ONLY if someone robs it (the key) and knows the user data (as the key can be unique for any end user), just like your house key.
You can also use multiple keys for additional protection.
Maybe the solution you  posted does provide a key that is looked to the PC or to the hard disk.
However it is for Adobe, so it is useless it is unique, due to the constraints of the Adobe internal format. Your key might be ultra-unique, but the door is a paper door.
Posted by: Robert Gabardy Posted on: Dec 28th, 2003, 11:46am
Little late to comment but I couldn't resist. I am not surprised at the number of puddin heads out there don't live or think in a real world. The only upfront access to a password protected "anything" is the password itself. Denizens of the deep can find other ways. There are a lot of smart kids out there and they can do their unthinkable thing in complete privacy.
Its against the law to violate a copyright, but its done every day.
Its against the law to "break and enter", but its done every day.,
Its against the law to commit murder, but its done every day.
But not to or by most of us...
If all that drives you up a wall, then climb into a cave and Shut Up!

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