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(Message started by: Lee Rothfarb on Sep 19th, 2002, 12:49pm)

Title: frames, pages in frames
Post by Lee Rothfarb on Sep 19th, 2002, 12:49pm
I have found it very difficult to understand the online manual.  Perhaps the PDF
version is clearer; I don't know.  I haven't tried it.

After reading instructions several times, I do not understand how to do something
very simple, and that is to create a chapter navigation frame on the left,
and a frame on the right to contain the text of the chapters.  The idea is
to have both the chapter navigation frame and the text screen visible at all
times, so that readers can click on a chapter and have that chapter's text appear
in the right-hand screen.

In general, I have found the manual hard to understand and, therefore,
confusing, perhaps because it was written by a non-native English speaker.

Title: Re: frames, pages in frames
Post by Support Staff on Sep 20th, 2002, 5:32pm
Please read the PDF manual (that was written by a native English, by the way).
The online manual is just a quick reference.

As for the left side menu you want to create, F1, then "Tutorials", then "How to create a left frame menu".

All is explained in the PDF manual too.

Title: Re: frames, pages in frames
Post by charo on Mar 8th, 2005, 2:05pm
Hi, I am having the same problem & I work at KSC in FL.

I'm the one on the far right in the green bunnie suit  ;D
I have even went so far as print out the instructions provided & I still don't see what it is I am missing ???.  

I would appreciate a little more elaboration on how this is accomplished.  I have a small e-book that I am working on right now on how to draw Celtic knot artworks using a generic code & this has been easier that figuring out how to set up the left column with chapter links/anchors.  I am beginning to wonder, which will come first, deciphering & generating code for a staggered Celtic knot pattern or the methods on how to set up the chapters in the left column :-[.  Will keep you posted  ;)

Char O
Cocoa FL

Title: Re: frames, pages in frames
Post by Support Staff on Mar 9th, 2005, 10:35am
Please hit F1, click Tutorials, click "How to create a left frame menu".
It is step by step.
If there are any problems, please tell us what step.

The PDF manual has also images and examples and we strongly suggest to read it and to repeat what is on the manual (the better thing is to print the manual, then open the program and replicate on the video what is on the manual...)

The frame management is very easy after you learn it, but is really difficult to explain with words! Please take a look to the documentation, and if you find a problem, just email us "I did A B C but when I am at the point XY I don't understand"....

This will help us to help you, as we can't rewrite the manual here, obviously

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