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(Message started by: Fred on Sep 28th, 2002, 3:00pm)

Title: eBooksWriter Lite vs Pro
Post by Fred on Sep 28th, 2002, 3:00pm
??? What's the main difference between eBooksWriter Lite and Pro, besides Lite being free? I also have a few questions about the software.

I inserted a blank page, but could not figure out how to remove it. It appears there is no Remove a page option, so once you insert a page your stuck with it.

I could not figure out how to change the order of imported pages. Ie: move page 4 up to page 3 and visa versa.

When I imported an html webpage, the graphics failed to be carried over, leaving broken image links, and the images ended up on the next page instead.

Title: Re: eBooksWriter Lite vs Pro
Post by Support Staff on Oct 1st, 2002, 11:36am
You should read the Frequent Questions (F1, then Frequent questions, or All your questions are answered there.

The LITE edition is limited up to 40 pages, this mean you need the PRO for larger ebooks / manuals.

You can't change the page order; to delete pages use "Hypertext >Image files and deletion"; the HTML import is not perfect but you can just Copy & Paste from the browser window so this shouldn't be a problem.

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