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(Message started by: dowsp on Nov 29th, 2002, 5:02pm)

Title: My experience may interest you
Post by dowsp on Nov 29th, 2002, 5:02pm
Hello members,

I just want to say that I wrote a ebook on Secrets of the Stock Market and have since placed it on my website

Since doing this ealier this year I did a test to see if I could actually sell it.

I had purchased a BIZ  manual which showed me how to go about it.

I was advised to try and promote it on various egroups with the use of direct links to my website, OR by autoresponders.

I just want to inform you so far as to the response for anyone intersted

I havent really worked the business, but overall it wasnt very good results from all my efforts.

I joined about 50 e groups and sent msgs to them with details of my website.

In about 10 months and about 5 main marketing excercises to all 50 groups I got so far 290 responses to my website.

Out of all these I got less than 10 orders.

I just halfed the price of my book and contacted the list again and got 5 orders in a week.

Many egroups will not let you try and sell so they either ban you or have moderators who wont let the posts go on site.

so out of those 50 groups only probably a 1/3rd actually allowed the post.

Also many groups were not very active.

Out of the 290 responces I surpose 10 orders is about 4 % sales. BUT I certainly cant live on that.
but it didnt cost me anything other than time once my setup had been done.
so maybe a 4% returns better than the so called average of 1% you get in mail order.

I havent tried mailing lists YET

IF anyone can advise how I may be able to imrove on this I will be very greatful.

I managed to track down others who set up similar websites to mine trying to sell ebooks and their responses on their sites according to their counters was very low

so overal I am not impressed with the dream of selling ebooks on the net.

If anyone can convince me otherwise I will be most greatful.

Just wanted to let you know my experience.


Title: Re: My experience may interest you
Post by Derek Carroll on Dec 2nd, 2002, 1:49am
I hope this is of some help..
  My understanding is that if you have a Quality product or service, then your next step will be to build a solid foundation for your business.
    You must have a definite strategy to unfold your business. If you want to hit a bulls-eye you should use a rifle and Not a shot-gun!
   Selling Information Products like yours requires some serious insights into marketing strategies.
I'm sure you're not looking for the
elusive "instant-fortune".
You must pinpoint the EXACT problem facing your target customers...and then solve it!!

If you are considering mailing lists, then be careful..this can be a tricky AND expensive area!
Renting mailing lists is usually a financial Disaster...
???"Never forget that there is always a conflict of interest with a list broker. Their primary goal is to make money. If you don't rent a list, they don't make any money."

HINT!! ;)
Maybe you could convince another already SUCCESSFUL company to sell your product -- this is especially good if they offer non-competing products to the SAME "target audience"-- (this is why you need a strong identify your target)

If you want to boost sales inexpensive but hugely rewarding strategy is to ask the owners of other "related" sites to either link to you or to send customers to your site for a cut in the profit!
  ..these are just a couple of ideas...
I  hope this is of some use..


Title: Re: My experience may interest you
Post by derek carroll on Dec 4th, 2002, 3:35am
:)By the way there is some great info. on internet marketing under "The New Rules Of Internet Marketing" if you are still having trouble.. Goto and look under "The New Rules Of Internet Marketing"

derek ::)

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