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(Message started by: Mike McCormick on Jan 28th, 2003, 9:45pm)

Title: EbooksReader Text
Post by Mike McCormick on Jan 28th, 2003, 9:45pm
I'm experimenting with the LITE version, and everything appears to be okay except when I generate the exe file.

Once it's displayed in the reader I get the following message following my entered text, usually in a much smaller font:

Please insert your data (? >User data). eBooksWriter (

Is this simply a message generated by the reader when it detects a non-PRO generated AEH or exe? I get the same message when I open the AEH file separately with the reader.


Title: Re: EbooksReader Text
Post by Support Staff on Feb 4th, 2003, 10:35am
This text is generated when the program detects that your FINAL USER (the people that read the ebook) has not inserted his name / email. As name / email can be needed for calculating the user's password, the program prompts the user to use the menu "?" then the menu "User data".

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