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(Message started by: propropro on Feb 17th, 2003, 6:34am)

Title: 1sitelite takes over!!!
Post by propropro on Feb 17th, 2003, 6:34am
I have been experimenting with ebookswriter lite, to see if I should eventually buy it. I was rather satisfied with it, so then I downloaded 1sitelite to look at that one.
As soon as this was downloaded, it is impossible to use ebookswriterlite, all the icons changed automatically to 1sitelite icons, and the files can't be saved as .exe files any more, so the entire thing seems to have switched over somehow, to 1sitelite.

Now this is a serious problem, I had several started ebooks with which I have worked hundreds of hours in total, so I really hope there is some way of restoring them.

I did try to just uninstall 1sitelite again, but this does not help.

Thanks in advance for a RAPID reply!


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:'( ???

Title: Re: 1sitelite takes over!!!
Post by Support Staff on Feb 20th, 2003, 6:29am
It is a MSWindows limit.
1SITE and EBooksWriter uses the same extension (AEH) so only one can be the default app for AEH.

Three possible solutions:

1)just use Start >Programs >VisualVision >EBooksWriter and open your ebooks with "File >Open".

2)reinstall EBooksWriter LITE (it will take back the AEH extension)

3)click on any AEH file with right mouse button by holding SHIFT button (or was it CTRL?). The popup menu will show "Open file with...". Select that option, then tell to MSWindows that AEH files should be open with EBooksWriter.


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