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(Message started by: Bookboy2003 on Aug 19th, 2003, 2:03pm)

Title: Individual passwords?
Post by Bookboy2003 on Aug 19th, 2003, 2:03pm
I am a complete newbie both to V.V. and to ebook publishing, but I had a process question:

In the new version of the software, if I want to set up individual passwords for individual readers, how does that process now work?

Do I need to know the person's name and password BEFORE they receive the title, or will this information be sent once they check in for the first time?

what I'd LIKE to do is set up a title for sale, with the whole ebook password-protected. Do I need to send a general password once they pay, so they can log in the first time?

does the software then allow for individual, on-the-fly passwords after that, or would I need to kick out an individual copy to them?

Also, is there a limit to how many people can have individual IDs/passwords per title? I ready everything I could get my hands on but still am unclear about the process...

sorry for all the newbie questions. If this works out, I can really spread the word on this software among my other online biz friends...

Title: Re: Individual passwords?
Post by Support Staff on Aug 21st, 2003, 6:31pm
Actually, if you take a look to the other posts here and/or you read the PDF manual and/or the Tutorials (hit F1 into the LITE edition) you will see that we already replied to your questions.


In short, with EBooksWriter you can create password-protected ebooks.

The same ebook (same file) can have different passwords for different users (any user have to enter his name email and personal password, and they must match).

So you can give the same ebook to all users, then when you have name/email of the user#1 you can calculate on-the-fly (in the Password dialog) its own password(s)#1, for the user#2 the pass #2 etc.

There aren't limits.

The program is versatile and also allows you to set up a single password valid for all users (this can be sufficient if the ebook file is delivered only after the purchase, for example through a credit card service such as ).

Another feature is that you can assign different passwords to different group of pages (say page 1 to 10 no password, page 11 to 20 the password is mickey, page 21 to 100 the password is goofy). Max 127 groups.

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