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(Message started by: eric on Oct 15th, 2004, 12:27am)

Title: External sound
Post by eric on Oct 15th, 2004, 12:27am

I would like to be able to call an external mp3 file from within a EBW page and while the mp3 plays return automatically to the EBW page. This means that the reader could hear the sound and at the same time see the content of the EBW page. I want to keep the mp3 file external to limit the size of the EBW.exe file. How can I do that.

Thanks for your help.


Title: Re: External sound
Post by Support Staff on Oct 30th, 2004, 6:32am
The problem is, how can the EBook know where will be the mp3 file within the end user's Hard Disk? If you link it as embedded file, ok, as external file, well, you can use Insert >Link, then the 3rd tab, then you can press Add+ and for example you can write c:\thefile.mp3 (supposing the mp3 will be within the root directory of the end user's hard disk).

When you have big files, the best solution is to distribute on CD: if you use CDFrontEnd (end user interface very similar to EBooksWriter) you can easily link to external files on the CD.

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