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(Message started by: Char Ormsby on Jan 24th, 2005, 10:54pm)

Title: import text file?
Post by Char Ormsby on Jan 24th, 2005, 10:54pm
Hi, I have tried several times to import a text file using the import icon that has the red arrow & is located 5th from lower left corner of my ebooks page.  But this function doesn’t appear to work as advertised.
Once at the import box I choose the “RTF (Word, Word Perfect, Publisher, ...): more pages” option then drill down to the folder where the Msword documents are located, but the left side box doesn’t show any of them until I change the option to “.Doc .Wri .Mcw .Wpd .Wps: more pages” at which time my Msword 2000 documents appear.  I then highlight the one I want imported & click on the Green arrow to place it over in the right box.  I then click on the import Icon & after a few seconds I keep getting the following error message…
MsWord not installed, or nonsupported MsWord language.  It might be sufficient to close then restart the program and MSWord.”  Also “Problems reading files to import. Be sure they aren’t in use by another application. C:\DOCUME”

I looked at the manual & I think I am doing this correct but I don’t understand why I cann’t import MSWord document at this time.  Would appreciate some pointer to get me going.

Char O

Title: Re: import text file?
Post by Support Staff on Jan 26th, 2005, 6:28am
As the program says, MSword is not correctly installed and/or for some reasons EBooksWriter can not talk with your MSWord.

The simple solution is to open MSWord, to open your DOC, then choose "File >Save as..." and from the pull down menu (on the bottom) choose "RTF Rich text format" and save the file as RTF file.

Then within the EBooksWriter import feature, choose the RTF as format and import the file.

It's really simple... :)

Title: Re: import text file?
Post by Harivney Bufna on Mar 3rd, 2005, 10:10pm
Also having problems. I have a table in MS Word that I saved as an RTF file.

Chose file-->Import pages with format
(RTF (Word, Word Perfect, Publisher, ...): more pages)

Selected the RTF file.

Then get a automaticaly generated "contents" page and links to the first few words that are in the RTF file.

Is there a way to import data from Word of PDF and keep talbe alignment?

I did the approach of tab 4 - which produced a link to external document but don't want to assume that reader has word or Acrobat reader.

Title: Re: import text file?
Post by Support Staff on Mar 8th, 2005, 4:05am
Usually the program correctly import texts and tables.
Another possible approach is to Copy and Paste through the MSWindows clipboard (you go to MSWord, you select some text, Edit >Copy, then you pass to EBooksWriter and Edit >Paste).

The EbooksWriter table management is different from MSWord (EBooksWriter allows nested tables and image backgrounds, MSWord no; MSWord allows cols or rows to span multiple lines, EBooksWriter no - you should use nested tables for this) so sometimes an automatic conversion is not possible.

If you link to embedded DOC or PDF files it is safe to at least provide to your users with a link to the Viewers program for these formats, example, for PDF you can say "If you can't read the PDF you need Adobe reader, get it at


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