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(Message started by: Francisco on Nov 6th, 2005, 11:59am)

Title: plugin, virtual vault, protect, features
Post by Francisco on Nov 6th, 2005, 11:59am
1. I took a look at the comparison product table, what does it mean that: "You can distribute the CD-ROM(s) royalty free" and for EBW PRO it says "partially available or limited". What CD-ROM?

2. I can read that there are several plug-ins to EBW PRO available, but are they free?

3. Is there any additional price to be paid if I decide to use Virtual Vault? How much will it add to EBW PRO, for both options, download and CD? What link should I follow in your web page?

4. I also develop database software, do you know if I buy Virtual Vault through you with EBW PRO, will it work for other products like my database software apart of my resulting ebook?

5. What is your experience on customers sharing passwords for an ebook? Is there a possibility to avoid this using EBW PRO only, without Virtual Vault?

6. I didn't see what specific difference does Virtual Vault do concerning security against EBW PRO?

Title: Re: plugin, virtual vault, protect, features
Post by Support Staff on Nov 6th, 2005, 12:19pm
1. = EBW's ebook are royalty free (YES!)

within the table ( ) there are different VisualVision products.
We have CDFrontEnd that's similar to EBooksWriter. In short, CDFrontEnd is specific for CD-ROMs, EBooksWriter is for creating compact exe files. CDFrontEnd features some additional functions such as the database CSV import (for creating CD catalogues).
For the rest they are pretty identical. Some people gets the bundle CDFE + EBW.

2. = plug in

Some are free, some are not free. You may need them or not. A popular one is 3D buttons (not free). Another popular one is the "Text to image" (free). Please see:

3. Virtual Vault

We suggest to not use Virtual Vault if you are willing to distribute
CDs. The end user authentication requires Internet connection (security has its disadvantages), and this would annoy customers (when you purchase a CD usually you'd like to see it also when offline).
VirtualVault has a monthly fee around $29: when you purchase EbooksWriter (either PRO or GOLD) you are entitled to a special discount for EBW customers (around 30%), just email us for the special link (
You can get Virtual Vault later - just keep your EBW purchase receipt in a safe place.

4.  virtual vault and other protections

Virtual Vault is ok to protect "exe" product. In order to be really secure, the exe product must have a certain degree of internal protection (otherwise it may be copied or partially copied when the end user uses it). EBooksWriter is ok for this, as per your thing, don't know.

5. security

Usually the EBW PRO keeps honest customer honest. If you share a password, your friend will have your name on the ebook and usually people dont' like this.
Honestly it is your choice. Maybe you should go with Virtual Vault if the ebook price will be over a certain amount, or if you feel there is a high piracy risk (the ebook subject may matter, also).
You may talk with other users within the specific (long!) topic:;action=display;num=1066754681

6. virtual vault compared to internal security

When the ebook is protected also with Virtual Vault, when the end user opens the ebook it connects to the Virtual Vault secure server, then asks to the end user a password, that is locked to the end user PC (this password will work only for this PC).

When it is protected with EBooksWriter, the ebook either asks a password identical for all users, or a specific password for the specific user (this password will work only with the user full name and email)

You find several other frequently asked questions at

Title: Re: plugin, virtual vault, protect, features
Post by Support Staff on May 13th, 2008, 7:10am

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