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(Message started by: Francisco L. on Nov 6th, 2005, 12:02pm)

Title: background, video, audio, icon, zoom ebook; quiz
Post by Francisco L. on Nov 6th, 2005, 12:02pm
1. If the reader wants to zoom an image inside the resulting ebook, is  this possible? keeping the same image quality?

2. Comparing EBW PRO with interactive computer books, like those developed through ToolBook (Click2Learn company) is there any possibility of interaction by the reader for example showing certain buttons to do tasks, receive answers by the reader like a test or quizz, etc.

3. The resulting ebook includes sound files, video files, ms office files in one resulting .EXE file, right? therefore distribution through CD is possible, right? the resulting .EXE file will install in the reader computer, is this correct?

4. Is it possible to change the background texture, image, color of the resulting ebook?

5. Can I add my personal icon to the resulting ebook?

Title: Re: background, video, audio, icon, zoom ebook; qu
Post by Support Staff on Nov 6th, 2005, 12:22pm
1 - no zoom

2 - You can insert slides, and different buttons may go to different pages.
It is not possible to insert programming or interactive quizz.
With the GOLD edition it is possible to insert forms that can be sent by email or saved to disk (some users uses this for educational purpose, the student read the stuff, then fill a form with questions, then save to disk for the teacher)

3 - yes

4 - yes, use Format >Page properties (or Hypertext >Current hypertext properties, second tab, for all new pages )

5 - no, the icon is just one, a small book.

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