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(Message started by: TheaBB on Nov 4th, 2014, 3:10am)

Title: Is eBookswriter still working?
Post by TheaBB on Nov 4th, 2014, 3:10am
After having a mountain of problems with trying to get a manual into the ebook format, I tried sending an e-mail to info at

Is eBookswriter still in existence?
My question on Bullet on a previous post has to date also not been replied to.

My reply from this e-mail address is:
This message was created automatically by mail delivery software.
A message that you sent has not yet been delivered to one or more of its
recipients after more than 48 hours on the queue on

The message identifier is: 1XkgBw-0005PL-S8
The date of the message is: Sat, 01 Nov 2014 23:26:36 +0200
The subject of the message is: Bullets

The address to which the message has not yet been delivered is:

info at

Title: Re: Is eBookswriter still working?
Post by Support Staff on Nov 4th, 2014, 4:01am
that email address has been disabled due to excessive spam.

the correct way to contact us for ebookswriter is shown (quite obviously) at

or also

the forum is the user's forum, and a user correctly replied to your question on bullets. There are no other ways (other than using the image of a bullet) that will be compatible with all ebook output formats...

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