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Topic Summary
Posted by: jguas Posted on: Jan 8th, 2003, 7:49pm
I have tested my new Web site created using EasyWebEditor and accesing to it via Netscape 7.0 and I found one little error  I can´t  solve.
I have created a page for user's registrations, so I've created a form's marker with the porperty "send data by E-mail to" and then I've inserted some text forms and at the end I've inserted three butons "Send", "Cancel" and "Back".
Acces to this site via Netscape 7.0  and fill the fields in the form is a very easy task, but when I've pressed a buton "send" inmmediately was launched a Netscape mail-composer ( I don´t know Why!) and the process is broken at this point. If I fill the subject field in the mail composer and press on buton "Send" of composer the blank message will be sent to the specific e-mail addresss. If I close the e-mail composer windows an tray again to press "Send" buton on the form  nothing in happend.
Results: The form don´t work properly and the data  are not sent to the e-mail address written in the property field of form´s maker.
I've checked all the properties of my browser but it seems without erros. May be  somebody was experienced the same  troubles?
If anyone wants to check this site the  URL is:
I will be appreciate any comments ,
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Jan 10th, 2003, 11:13am
Just done a test with NS4.7 and it seems working (you should receive an email ).
Maybe at the end of the form use "Insert >HTML >Within text" and insert this text
This is a missing tag, maybe NS7 wants this.
Posted by: jguas Posted on: Jan 10th, 2003, 6:00pm
sorry, luke  , but  it don't work any way.  
Any other idea?
Posted by: ki6o Posted on: Jan 19th, 2003, 5:10pm
Well I' have the same problem and I just emailed Luke.  Wished I'd seen the post first.  I have had the feature working in the past so I think it is a browser problem.  I'm using both NS 4.77 and 6 but gave up on 7 as it has more bugs than a Raid commercial.
I'll wait for some word on this and just keep "fooling around" 'till I find out what fixes it.
Does anybody know how to send a form to more that one email address?  ----After I find out how to send it to one address.
Tom Seabury
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Jan 20th, 2003, 11:49am
Hi! I've just received an aeh sample file from Tom and I've made some modifs.
With these modifs it seems working.
Unfortunately I haven't tested with NS7 as for my own test reasons I want to keep only the old NS 4.7 on this PC.
Try downloading the sample on
PLEASE NOTICE: change the email address in the form start marker or it will email to Tom!!!
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Feb 20th, 2003, 5:46am
Please notice also that, Since it is a direct "to email" form, it might be possible that you didn't have the email portion of Netscape setup correctly (they were only using the browser portion).
As a result, Netscape wouldn't know how to send the email and would probably give you an error.  
If this is the case, you might be better off having the form submit to a CGI script that sends out the email, like formmail (it is usually installed on the server by default).
First of all, ask to your Web host for a "formmail.cgi".
It will give you an address like:
or so...
a) edit the form start marker; choose the "POST" tab instead the email tab, and write
in the box (the URL above, the one supplied by your host).
b) inside the page, insert 3 hidden form elements (with Insert menu):
(where blabla_0000xx.htm is a "thank you" page)
value="Hi! I am the email sent from form 1!"
This should work.
Posted by: kd5ejo Posted on: Oct 13th, 2004, 3:31pm
I have had the same problem using IE 6. It pops up a mail window and does not include the info from the from. I am going to see if I can get a fommail option like has been mentioned.
Posted by: gaddy Posted on: Jan 1st, 2005, 9:53pm
You might also consider creating a form using the web form automation tools on the web. I am currently using but there are a number of sites that will do pretty much the same functionality.  
Keeps from have to drudge through the coding of a form.  
- gaddy    
Posted by: Joel Posted on: Jan 27th, 2005, 2:36pm
I tried to e-mail a form using two browsers.
With an Internet Explorer browser, I receive an empty e-mail with a nice little ATT file attached containing the data I just filled in on-line.  
But with Netscape 7, I only receive an e-mail without anything at all !
Any solution ?
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Apr 6th, 2005, 4:32pm
My host provided this code for the "formtomail" script. Can you help?
<title>Mailform example</title>
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
<form name="formmail"  action="/cgi-bin/formmail/formmail.cgi" method="post">
<input type=hidden name="recipient" value="">
<input type=text name="subject" size="45" value=""></p><br>
<p><b>Your Name:</b><br>
<input type=text name="realname" size="45" value=""></p><br>
<p><b>Your Email Address:</b><br>
<input type=text name="email" size="45" value=""></p><br>
<textarea name="body" rows="10" cols="60" wrap="virtual"></textarea></p><br>
<p><input type="submit" value="Send Email"> <input type="reset" value="Reset Form"></p>
Let me know what I need to input!  Thanks for your help.
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Apr 6th, 2005, 4:35pm
This is the code for a page.
With Easy Web Editor / 1SITE all is visual.
You just need to:
1) insert a form start marker; it must be "POST" and must point to the script
(there is a box, fill it with the string above)
2) insert an Hidden form element with
identifier => recipient
value =>
(Insert >Forms >Form element - then the Hidden tab)
3) insert some form elements (no matter what and how many), in order to fulfill your needs....
4) insert at least one form button in order to "close" the form
That's all.
Any form must start with a "form start marker" as above and must end with (at least) one form button. The Hidden identifier tells to the server where to send the form data once the user presses the form button.
Posted by: Going_Crazier Posted on: Apr 25th, 2005, 5:44pm
We just started using EWE in our company to do a website complete with an online emailable order form. The order form contains a link to a PDF file. The form is actually secured and processed by FormBreeze with field validation. I copied all of the HTML code from the form page itself (by opening the form in our browser and doing a right click & copy) and pasted the code into the FormBreeze validation box, as instructed.  They returned the new code and instructed us to paste the new code into source code for the form. However, I cannot find WHERE to paste the new code! Every attempt results with TWO versions of the form appearing on one page when viewed in the browser. The top portion is a mess with broken links, etc. and the bottom half of the page is a perfect form. I tried simply pasting the code for "input" in the submit button on the form, and while the form displays properly and the PDF link works properly, it allows the user to send a completely blank form - which defeats the form validation code from FormBreeze. The intent is that the user will complete the form and click submit. The information is then emailed to us in an encrypted format to our email address. If a user fails to provide required information, the form is to give a message, such as "Contact Name Required." The form is NOT supposed to transmit without all of the required information.
Apparently, I am not supposed to paste ALL of the code that FormBreeze returned, but exactly WHAT portion(s) of the code am I supposed to paste and WHERE is it supposed to be pasted??
Posted by: Going_Crazy Posted on: Apr 26th, 2005, 12:11pm
We use FormBreeze for validation and to return the data submitted by visitors on our online order form. I had to submit the (EWE) source code for our order form page, and FormBreeze returned the new code. Their instructions were to delete all of the EWE source code and replace it with the source code they supplied. They said NOT to alter any of the code, or the validation may not work or the form processing may not work properly. Since I cannot edit the EWE source code, I have no idea WHERE to paste this code! The code is as follows in the next post:
WHAT do I DO with this and HOW do I do it?
Posted by: Going_Crazy Posted on: Apr 26th, 2005, 12:14pm
sorry, Aldo, but your forum will not allow me to post ALL of the code.
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Apr 26th, 2005, 12:42pm
We received it by email.
Basically, I see "FormBreeze" returns you the FULL PAGE, by adding some thing.
This is handy for people using "HTML" editors.
Within EasyWebEditor, you should NOT copy the same page (you already have it within EasyWebEditor), but just the added things.
There are just 2 steps:
1)With Insert >HTML >At page start
you must paste ONLY the part between
<!-- FORMBREEZE-BEGIN   - Do not modify these lines directly.  -->
(you must NOT copy the rest of the page as it is only duplicate information on what already is within easywebeditor - just copy and paste the part between this BEGIN and END).
2)Within the body of the page, you must then delete the "form start marker", then in place of it (at the former position) use "Insert >HTML >Within" text then copy this code that I extracted from your email:
<form method="post" _base_target="_top"  action=""  onsubmit=" return formbreeze_sub()"  name="form1" ><input type="hidden" name="formbreeze" value="14111-1">  
I see no other instances of the word "formbreeze" within the form, so this should be all.
I can not guarantee this is correct but it should be. I am skeptic about onsubmit=" return formbreeze_sub()", I would see better onsubmit="return formbreeze_sub()" (without initial space) or onsubmit="javascript:formbreeze_sub()" but I am not a Javascript expert so maybe it is already correct (and my versions are errors !!).
Maybe you can ask more details to FormBreeze guys and point them to this forum (we are doing free advertising for them, so I think they can come here for supporting their own product eh eh ).
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Sep 23rd, 2005, 1:22pm
this topic is also discussed within the HP topic
"email form data without confirm"
that also talks about using the so called form-mail "scripts"
link here:;action=display;num =1064825128
Posted by: Jean-Paul Humpers Posted on: Apr 15th, 2008, 10:23am
I had problems with forms.
I asked my host to help me and I paid, but they have changed my website the hard way and provided me new files. But they changed them in the server, so I do not have the stuff within EasyWebEditor.
They added/changed these files (I am sending these files to the VisualVision support email)
I am confused. I would like to have the forms within my EasyWebEditor web site.....
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Apr 15th, 2008, 10:31am
They provided you the fish.
So if you will be hungry again in the future you will need to buy more fish.
We aim to teach you how to fish.
Basically, they provided you 3 scripts (contact livre formmail) - usually you use only one... see the previous posts within this topic.
They they modified your page 5, page 9 and page 37 (37 is 25 in hexadecimal).
Now we will go page by page and I will explain how to change your pages in EasyWebEditor in order to call (=refer to) these scripts. I will create separate posts or it will be too long.
Let's start with page 9.
The file you provided to us contains
....... some header stuff........
<form method=POST action=contact.php >
<input type=hidden name=subject value=contact>

<DIV class=s0>
      <td colspan="2">
      <p>Vous pouvez joindre l'auteur en lui envoyant un mail via ce formulaire</p>
      <p>Si vous souhaitez entrer en partenariat avec nous, envoyez-nous un mail avec votre bannière et l'adresse de votre site. <br>
      La 'webmistress' se réserve le droit d'accepter ou non un partenariat. </p>
      <p>Merci de votre visite. <br><br></p>
     <TD> <p>Date</P></TD>
     <TD> <INPUT size=25 name=Date> </TD>
     <TD> <p>Message</P></TD>
     <TD><TEXTAREA NAME="message" ROWS="10" COLS="80" ></TEXTAREA></TD>
     <TD> <p>Votre nom / pseudo :</P></TD>
     <TD> <INPUT size=40 name=nom> </TD>
     <TD> <p>Votre adresse e-mail</P></TD>
     <TD> <INPUT size=40 name=e-mail> </TD>
     <TD><br><br><INPUT type=submit value="Envoyer"> <INPUT type=reset value="Annuler"><br><br><br><br><br></TD>
.....some footer stuff.....
(you can see this code with the MSWindows Note Pad, use File >Open of the Notepad to open the file site_000009.php)
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Apr 15th, 2008, 10:46am
as you wrote page 9, you may be able to recognize what is on this page.
In red and green we highlighted the form components they added to your page.
You can add them all VISUALLY with EasyWebEditor. They added them with these codes as they don't know how to add them properly with EasyWebEditor.... they are old and they use the old code approach.
1) Let's start with the first thing.
<form method=POST action=contact.php >
this means you must insert (with the Insert >Form menu) a Form Start Marker, this marker must be of the kind "Post" (just select the proper tab) and its action must be contact.php
2) then we have
 <input type=hidden name=subject value=contact>  
this means must insert a Form element, this must be of the kind "Hidden" and its identifier must be subject and its value must be contact
3) then we have  
<INPUT size=25 name=Date>
this is a form element of the kind "Box" (first tab) and the identifier must be Date
4) then we have
<TEXTAREA NAME="message" ROWS="10" COLS="80" ></TEXTAREA>
this is a form element of the kind "Text box", the identifier must be message and you should find somewhat obvious what to insert in the boxes Rows and Columns....
5) and 6)
<INPUT size=40 name=nom>
<INPUT size=40 name=e-mail>
this is like 3) - you should be able to act the same way.
<INPUT type=submit value="Envoyer">
<INPUT type=reset value="Annuler">
these are the buttons "Envoyer" and "Annuler" ("Submit form" and "Reset form" for you Englishmen not used to french...).
To insert them, you use Insert >Forms >Button
the identifier for the two is unspecified. The button text is "Envoyer" for the first one, Annuler for the second.
If you follow all these steps, you see you can create a form in a visual way. As you may understand, it is the form start marker that do specify that your form calls the script "contact.php". This script has been designed to grab the data from the various boxes (it is likely that you can add other boxes, but only the author of the contact.php script knows for sure) and to send them to your email address.
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Apr 15th, 2008, 10:53am
P.S. Basically a web page "calls" the script and passes it the parameters of the form. The script get them and creates an email for you with them.
The people that created for you the contact.php form, would have done a better job if, instead of editing the code for you, would have told you something like:
" I created a script for you. You must call this script form a form that uses a POST action, the action is contact.php " "The other parameters for the script are a hidden form element with identifier "subject" and value "contact", and as many other elements you like"
ok this is a bit tecnical and requires some explain, but makes you able to use the script with any editor (= you are able to fish)
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: May 29th, 2009, 5:03am
p.s. we can put on your server a form-mail script and configure it for you and do all the job (obviously for a fee), just ask support by email or contact form
Posted by: Lisa Bell Posted on: Aug 31st, 2009, 9:16pm
I use GoDaddy to publish.  In the past with GoDaddy, I have successfully retrieved form data from an outdated web creator program which my new computer doesn't support.  I know 100% that with GoDaddy I use .php and Post Method. I do not use CGI/Perl or Java enabled.  I wrote to GoDaddy who told me what my absolute path is for my Linux hosting account.  It is /home/content/1/2/3/username/html where 1/2/3 are the first three letters of my user name and the username is the name I used to set up my hosting account. I typed the path into the form start marker on the "start program with Post method"  I then typed /gdform.php on the html tab.  (Not sure if I needed that)  My Website is up and running beautifully with exception of submitting the form.  I get error 404 every time I submit.   GoDaddy mentioned more than one in their email response that the form mail is located within the root directory.  Any ideas of what I am doing wrong?  thanks for your help.
Posted by: Alex Posted on: Sep 1st, 2009, 5:56am
concisely, the action is what you type into the box "Program path and name" that is under the Get or the Post tab (normally a form mail script will work both with get or post), so there Godaddy is telling you to write simply
the form may require some other information in order to correctly work (typically they are entered by inserting some hidden form elements, with Insert >Form element )
Posted by: John_Lloyd Posted on: Oct 21st, 2010, 11:28am
I have the same issue. I'll try the suggested solutions here later. Hope I can solve it. Thanks a lot for this very helpful information.

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