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Topic Summary
Posted by: Sea_Ice Posted on: Jun 18th, 2003, 2:29pm
I have just created a new site with EWE which I am very proud of. It has taken around 100 hrs of my time to produce 9 pages which I think look good and link to each other with no problems in all the functions provided. When I try to upload the site I get a message at the bottom of the box which says Error. There is no number. Another message above it which says No release of this hypertext was on server.
The support team can upload a page to my site with no problem so the parameters are all correct. The problem is not with the server as suggested by support team. It is most likely that I am doing something wrong here, in the way that I have saved the file or have put a tick in a box somewhere. Is there anyone out there who could guide me on this as the support team have made it very clear that that they cannot/will not help.
I have looked through the FAQ pages and through the Forum for similar problems and cannot find one. I see that it is pointed out in many responses that this is a users forum, not a problem page.
I am a user with a problem.
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Jun 19th, 2003, 1:24pm
We have sent you the screen shot with the parameters we used for a *successful* publishing of your Web site.
As we have been able to publish, it is likely the problem is in your Network connection, or your ISP / host has a problem.
The important parameters are:
- ftp server name
- username
- password
- initial directory
You supplied these parameter to us, we inserted it in the setup dialog, we published a test page on your site without any difficulty...
Make also sure that in "Hypertext >Current hypertext options", second tab, you don't have inadvertitly touched the "Cover page name (Html)" box; the checkbox should be checked, and the content of the box should be index.htm or index.html
There aren't other settings.
So it is likely the problem is related to a firewall / antivirus, to your connection or to your host. Maybe you have a firewall software or a firewall hardware. Maybe your antivirus is blocking any network access to the other programs. Maybe your ISP is blocking the FTP ports of your host.
Please see the manual of your firewall / antivirus; and/or contact your ISP, your network administrator, your host.
We said we can't give you more help because we are pretty sure the problem is not with the software.
In case you think the problem is with your file, please contact us at support, we will allow you to send the file at a special email address and we will take a look. But please understand that if the FTP dialog says "Error" there are network problems!
PS: "no previous release on the server" is a correct message, as this is the first time you publish so no previous release can be on the server.
Posted by: Sea_Ice Posted on: Jun 20th, 2003, 4:01pm
I have uploaded the site with another program, WS FPT Pro. Firstly I exported the file to a new folder as html and then uploaded it.
I know of no firewall currently on this computer, however I find that the version of Internet Explorer is a custom version for Packard Bell which may not have certain functions within that your program may require. My feeling however is that there is some human error on my part, this has been the cause of almost every problem with this computer since it arrived. I will see what happens when I try to edit the pages.
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Jun 23rd, 2003, 5:34pm
FYI the program doesn't rely on Internet Explorer. You can use EasyWebEditor also if Internet Explorer is not installed.
We have found an error in the earlier build of the new version 3.11; it affected the FTP on certain machines.
We have detected which customers received this first build and we notified for a free upgrade (you should have received the email if you were one of them - in case, sorry for the problem you experienced).

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