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Topic Summary
Posted by: mark thompson Posted on: Aug 4th, 2003, 12:04pm
hi, hopefully someone can help. Ive just started using this programme(trial at the moment) theres alot of things id like to know but first how do you get to make a button(own design or default) to work as a link to another page? im able to do this with just normal text(ie: first tutorial) but buttons dont seem to work. Is there a tutorial for this??
help me please.
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Aug 7th, 2003, 9:45am
It's almost the same as for text.
Click on the image with the right mouse button, then choose "Define link" or "Define special link" from the popup menu.
Then it is identical as for text links.
Posted by: mark thompson Posted on: Aug 11th, 2003, 3:56am
I have tried this but still no joy. in "ewe"(im now registered) I can "follow link" the created button and it does what its supposed to, but in the browser preview it doesnt work, just keeps to the same page. The the plain text links works fine in both.
odd but true, any ideas or should i just stick to plain old text links
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Aug 12th, 2003, 12:24pm
From what you say, you are using the Insert >Form element >Button function.
This work for regular Forms only.
Please use just an image for the buttons that you want to use for changing the page (jumps etc). E.g. an image of a button.
Posted by: Mon Bidoux Posted on: Sep 25th, 2003, 6:01am
Hi there!
I've got a similar question here.
It would be on how to compose a "hover button"?
That is, when you click on a link it changes aspect becoming a picture or becomes a different colour.
Posted by: Rollo Posted on: Sep 26th, 2003, 3:27am
To create a rollover is simple, just use the right mouse button over an image, then choose Properties.
In the dialog, hit the "Low res and mouse" tab, then click on the cactus & sun image (the one on the right) select the "over" image, then press OK
Posted by: Antonio Posted on: Mar 13th, 2011, 1:54pm
When I put links to other pages or hypertexts in a new window, the program EWE uses javascript, and I have seen that google sometimes cannot read these links.
Instead, I would like to use a link with a title, type of: "<a class=s34 href="" target="_blank" title="tienda on-line de radio control">Tienda Online</a>"
Is there a way to make this type of link in an automatic way? This would give the pages linked with EWE a much better position in search engines, imho...
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Mar 13th, 2011, 1:57pm
EWE uses javascript only for some special links (when this is a need, e.g. to show popups).
To do what you ask, just use the second tab, then as link option select "new browser", to have this kind of link that you like (to be precise, the linkwill have target=_new rather than target=_blank). By the way the "title" of a link is usually not read by google, as far as I know.  
By the way, just to be sure that search engines can follow all links, nobody forbids you to put a duplicate of your links at the bottom of the page, with all duplicates created as "normal link" (that is always read)
Posted by: Antonio Posted on: Mar 13th, 2011, 1:59pm
Yes it works!!!!
I am sorry, I am no expert in web editing, it was very easy now when you explained it!
Thank you very much for your quick reply, it always impressed me a lot the degree of support I always get with your software, and specially out of a business day like today.
I will change all the links in my site following your instructions.
Just one more question, (does not need to be replied today, just when you get the time)
I use your software to publish a monthly edited site,
After 4 editions, there are too many images and pictures, so I use several hypertexts with a common "images" file. I know another option is to make new hypertexts in other folders in my server.
But in the past, asking you this question, you told me I could also update to another program (maybe 1st site?)
I am working on windows 7, and have EasyWeb Editor with the 3D button plugin.
One of the things I would like to have is a mod re-write (I think it is called so) function. I mean, instead of naming the pages like "", generate a name like i.e. "", similar to what you do in Wordpress and other editors. (That by the way, are not half way as useful as your EWE is for me!)
This is the last site I have been creating with your software. I think I am finally learning how to design a better looking and clean-code page, but there´s still a lot to learn!
Thank you very much again for your kind help and first-class support.
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Mar 13th, 2011, 2:03pm
Yes, you can update to the last edition of 1Site to have more room for pages and images within one single file.
Also you can manually assign HTML names for the page (for the low level htlm files, that's what you improperly call "mod rewrite", but's fine the important thing is to communicate someway ).
We recently explained how to do these filename changes (and have, say, helicopter-controls.html as final html name for a page, rather than the automatic name) in this topic:;action=disp lay;num=1299857660
(this works only with the new editions)
Posted by: Antonio Posted on: Mar 13th, 2011, 3:56pm
Thanks a million for the reply,  
I´ll take a look at the thread about html names for pages, and some other ones , too.
Maybe a silly question before updating to 1st Site... will it read my previous .aeh files to work over them without having to start from the beginning?
Thanks again... 8)
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Mar 13th, 2011, 4:17pm
Yes of course, 1site can read all EWE files (also old editions). 1Site is a sort of EWE with a bit more features.
Posted by: Antonio Diez Posted on: Mar 15th, 2011, 4:45pm
on Mar 13th, 2011, 4:17pm, Support Staff wrote:
Yes of course, 1site can read all EWE files (also old editions). 1Site is a sort of EWE with a bit more features.

Thank you for the reply. Today I have purchased the update to convert my EWE in 1site.
Indeed, the installation has been very simple, and the new program is reading perfectly the files I made with the previous program.
After getting the options and importing the ftp parameters automatically from the former editor (good point!), this is how it looks now:
I´ll go and change the links in a new window following what you said before.
Thanks for the support!

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