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Topic Summary
Posted by: Michelle Alleson Posted on: Dec 12th, 2004, 1:00pm
I am trying out EWE and I admit, I am no web-master!  So please forgive the ignorance of this, but I am trying to figure out how to create navigation bars in the left frame.
there are quite a few DIFFERENT nav bars I want to use (one for each page of course), but I can't figure out how to get it done.  To give you an example, I want different nav bars for each section of my site.  
Another thing is what about changes to the nav bar?  Will the change "carry-over" to the other pages also if I change either the order, add a new page, etc.?
Thanks in advance for the help!
Posted by: Michelle Alleson Posted on: Dec 15th, 2004, 7:02am
Well I figured out the solution to my problem.  But I wanted to pass something on to all of you that I found.
Go to
They have REALLY cool button and navigation bar generators FOR FREE... and they work very very well in EWE
Good luck all & Happy creating
Posted by: Gerrysan Posted on: Dec 21st, 2004, 4:14pm
Hi Michelle,
Great site I can make the bottons I want but I can't figure out what to put in the target field?
Can you advise.
Posted by: Michelle Posted on: Dec 23rd, 2004, 8:19pm
Target field .. as best I can figure out is the actual linked address you want it to go to.  For instance, if I click this link, take me to that page.  I ignore it and just use the buttons, and link them through EWE's internal linking system.  Seems to work GREAT!
Hope this helps!  Let me know how things go!
-- Michelle
Posted by: Gerrysan Posted on: Dec 27th, 2004, 8:22pm
Hi Michelle
Just to double check are you just using the top layer so to speak ie. a button plus rol over effect or are you able to use the secondary drop down menu also. I would like to have a top button say PICTURES and then the drop down offer me what pictures I wanted to go to 6 or 7 options I can creat this and it looks and works fine on the Button gen site but I am **&**^% if I can get it to work in EWE. Just using the top buttons is no prob though.  
Happy new year
Cheers Gerry
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Jan 12th, 2005, 8:24am
I have not tested the stuff but I guess it generates button images (you know how to use it in EWE) and may be some code, to be inserted with "Insert >HTML >Within text".
If the "target field" means the HTML page name, within the "Insert >HTML >Within text" there are (on the right) some buttons that will insert the HTML page name (actually they do insert a visual icon, if you click the icon you see what EWE page is pointed by the icon; the real HTML page name is put in place of the icon at runtime = when published)
Hope this gives some light In any case you can do some experiments, there's nothing that can be broken and this is the good thing about computers (the bad side is that they almost never do what you *exactly* want eh eh )
Posted by: Jules_Ellis Posted on: Apr 23rd, 2005, 10:39am
I bought EWE a few days ago. I created a hompage and now I want to add some buttons that were made with a site that was recommenden in the webforum. The buttons work fine in the html-
page that the buttongenerator company sent me, but not in EWE. I spend some hours on trying to import them.  
First, it seems that EWE does not accept .png files, I'm not able to insert them. Then I converted them to .jpg and I  
was warned that the transparancy would be lost. Some very friendly person (thanks!) learned me that I should convert to .gif instead of .jpg, because GIF supports transparency. So I converted all images of the buttons map (delivered by the button generator company) to GIF. Then I inserted all these converted images (two versions for each button) on a new page in the hypertext, so that I can now refer to them as internal pictures. Now the second problem was that the image should change its color when you’re on it whith the mouse. I did this the following way: The button generator company delivers two images for each button. These are named “button1over” and “button1up” for button 1, and similarly for the other buttons. Button1over is the one you should see when the mouse is not on the button, and button1up is the (darker) version that you should see when the mouse is on the button. Whithin the EWE hypertext, I clicked with the right mouse button on the GIF image of button1over, and selected “Image properties…”. In the next dialog box I selected the tab “Low res, mouse rollover”. The right frame is then “Image when mouse over”, and here I inserted the GIF image that contains the darker version, button1up, with the blue-yellow image button above the frame. The result is that the light button1over image neatly changes into the dark button1up image when you’re with the mouse on it. Next, I linked the light button1over images to the appropriate pages in my hypertext. Then I copied and pasted these button1over images to the place in the hypertext where I want to see them.
Posted by: Jules_Ellis Posted on: Apr 23rd, 2005, 10:41am
Now there is a third problem that I can’t solve. The buttons should also have a dropdown menu, that's why  
merely a link from a picture to an internal page is not enough. So I followed the instructions in the open_me.htm page that the  
button generator sent me. They say that I should insert this piece of HTML in the HEAD part of the document:
<script src="menuscript.js" language="javascript" type="text/javascript"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="menustyle.css" media="screen, print" />
So I inserted this with Insert > HTML > At page start.. Then you should insert the following piece of HTML in the BODY part:
<table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>
<a href="Homepage" onmouseover="setOverImg('1','');overSub=true;showSubMenu('submenu1','but ton1');" onmouseout="setOutImg('1','');overSub=false;setTimeout('hideSubMenu(\'su bmenu1\')',delay);" target="Anchor 0"><img src="buttons/button1up.png" border="0" id="button1" vspace="1" hspace="1"></a><br>
<a href="Consultantpage" onmouseover="setOverImg('2','');overSub=true;showSubMenu('submenu2','but ton2');" onmouseout="setOutImg('2','');overSub=false;setTimeout('hideSubMenu(\'su bmenu2\')',delay);" target="Anchor 1"><img src="buttons/button2up.png" border="0" id="button2" vspace="1" hspace="1"></a><br>
<a href="Functionspage" onmouseover="setOverImg('3','');overSub=true;showSubMenu('submenu3','but ton3');" onmouseout="setOutImg('3','');overSub=false;setTimeout('hideSubMenu(\'su bmenu3\')',delay);" target="Anchor 0"><img src="buttons/button3up.png" border="0" id="button3" vspace="1" hspace="1"></a><br>
<a href="Bookspage" onmouseover="setOverImg('4','');overSub=true;showSubMenu('submenu4','but ton4');" onmouseout="setOutImg('4','');overSub=false;setTimeout('hideSubMenu(\'su bmenu4\')',delay);" target=""><img src="buttons/button4up.png" border="0" id="button4" vspace="1" hspace="1"></a><br>
<a href="Contactpage" onmouseover="setOverImg('5','');overSub=true;showSubMenu('submenu5','but ton5');" onmouseout="setOutImg('5','');overSub=false;setTimeout('hideSubMenu(\'su bmenu5\')',delay);" target=""><img src="buttons/button5up.png" border="0" id="button5" vspace="1" hspace="1"></a><br>
<a href="Personalpage" onmouseover="setOverImg('6','');overSub=true;showSubMenu('submenu6','but ton6');" onmouseout="setOutImg('6','');overSub=false;setTimeout('hideSubMenu(\'su bmenu6\')',delay);" target=""><img src="buttons/button6up.png" border="0" id="button6" vspace="1" hspace="1"></a><br>
I inserted this with Insert > HTML > within text, and than I replaced the references to the .png files with  
references to the now internal pictures of the buttons. That is, I replaced the references to the images within the code from absolute:
IMG SRC="buttons/button1up.png"
to relative, with:
IMG SRC="[the EWE icon that references to image button1up]"
Then I swithed to browser preview. But I got just a white page. I also replaced the words after href with internal page references, but this still does not work. Now I must admit that I’m also not sure (as previous persons on this forum) that I filled in the right things in the menu of Of course, this should be right first. They have three columns in their menu: Text labels, links and targets. I understand what the text labels are: These are the words that appear in the images of the buttons. In the link column I filled in the pagename to which one should go after clicking on the button (I used the name of the page as it is in the EWE hypertext, which is not the name that results after exporting the hypertext to HTML). In the target column I filled in “Anchor 0” or “Anchor 1” in some cases, if the page should jump to that anchor, or left it empty. But if this is wrong, it can be easily changed in the HTML code above.
Can you help me? I have no knowledge of HTML, that's why I use EWE. Can you help  
Jules Ellis
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Apr 23rd, 2005, 11:45am
We should not provide support for "buttongenerator", but, however, there are 2 solutions. First one here.
The second one is very long and maybe I will post it later......
1)Insert the chunk 1 "at page start".
You did this correctly, as you say above.
2)Insert the chunk 2 "Within text".
You did this, as you say above, but the fastest way is, within the second chunk, TO NOT REPLACE IMAGE references.
The only thing you must edit are link destinations (when you click on a button you go to...), example, within the code I see
<a href="Bookspage" onmouseover=......
this is wrong (maybe a draft inserted by buttonsgenerator) and must be replaced with
<a href="actualname_000123.htm" onmouseover=".....
or, better, with
<a href="[the EWE icon that references to the desired page]" onmouseover=".......
(you can obtain the icon with the buttons on the right side of the dialog).
3) open the file
within a text editor.
You will see a section like this
subInfo[2][1] = new Array("the submenu 1 label","-Anchor 0","");
subInfo[2][2] = new Array("the submenu 2 label","-Anchor 1","");
you must edit this with the page names for the link destination (where you go when you click on the menu):
subInfo[2][1] = new Array("the submenu 1 label","actualpage_000123.htm","");
subInfo[2][2] = new Array("the submenu 2 label","actualpage_000012.htm","");
As you may see, this .js file contains image references too... but as said we do not touch them! (as before, this is to save work and time).
4) Then you must, with an FTP program, maybe with the EasyWebEditor "Generic FTP" internal feature:
- create a "buttons" subfolder within your website main folder (there is a button for creating subfolders within EWE Generic FTP - so for many FTP programs)
- put (upload) all the buttons images within this folder (button1up.png, button2......)
- put (upload) the files
within the main folder of your website (they are needed as the "chunk 1" calls them), in the same place where EasyWebEditor usually puts your pages/images.
Then, if everything is correct, everything will work.
Please understand that as you are touching HTML, a minimal error such a misplaced comma or "" or so can cause high damage (white pages and so on).
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Apr 23rd, 2005, 11:50am
P.S: you may post the web URL with your attempts (such as ) so if some problems we may take a look and we may help.
Or maybe some other guy on the forum
If you need fast help always remember to email .........
Posted by: Jules_Ellis Posted on: Apr 23rd, 2005, 8:19pm
I followed your instructions and now the menus and submenus work. Thanks for you effort! But... there is still an issue that you could not anticipate because I didn't tell (see below). You can see the result at
On the left side above you see the buttons in the way I did them, as I posted earlier, which is without submenus. (By the way, I made a little error there: "up" and "over" should be  interchanged everywhere. Now the buttons go from light to dark when you're on them with the mouse, but they should go from dark to light).  
On the left side beneath you see the buttons as I obtained them by following your instruction. An important detail in your instruction seems to be that you put the EWE-icon of the page between "". I didn't do that in my first attempt, because things between "" are usually not evaluated. Another important point is that the menuscript.js file should also be edited a little. For other users it might be good to know that the 'actual names' to which you refer in your previous answer are the names of the HTML pages that one gets after exporting to HTML (at least that is how I did it).  
As you can see on my homepage, the buttons are visible, they work, they have submenus and the submenus work too... but there is still a problem: the submenus are only partially visible. This is due to the fact that I put my menus in a separate frame on the left side of the page. This has two consequences.
(1) The submenus are not allowed to cross the frameborder - which is quite logical in hindsight - and so they are only partly visible. In my "Privé" page I tried to solve this by increasing the width of the frame, but the thing must be quite wide then, which is ugly.
(2) What is worse, if you click on an option in the submenu, then the linked page will be shown within the frame, which was not what I wanted: the entire page should be replaced, not just the frame. I've no clue about how to change this. The problem occurs only with the submenus, not with the main menu buttons.
There is still another problem: the submenus should jump to anchors within another page. Again, I've no clue.
I guess that these problems can be solved only by doing a lot of HTML. I doubt whether it is wise to continue this path further. On this point, I would not recommend to use the  buttons of in EWE if you want to put them in frames or if you want to use anchors.  Using the submenus is not very easy, but it can be done. Just using the main buttons is no problem at all.
So this brings me to a question that I perhaps should have asked earlier: Is there some extension/ plug-in/ upgrade of EWE with buttons and drop-down submenus?
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Apr 24th, 2005, 4:48pm
>(1) The submenus are not allowed to cross the frameborder  
this happens with any software. No solutions for this.
>(2) What is worse, if you click on an option in the submenu, then the linked page will be shown within the frame, which was not what I wanted
you can edit this.
Within the HTML (as you have seen, if you want to actually use the things provided by buttonsgenerator you must edit all these files - this is true  no matter what web creator software you use) you find
<a href=".......">
modify with:
<a href="....." target=_blank>
to show within a new page
modify with:
<a href="....." target="framename">
to show within another frame (framename is the name of the frame you assigned in EasyWebEditor, Format >Advanced frameset manager)
>There is still another problem: the submenus should jump to anchors within another page.  
Example, modify
<a href="abc_000003.htm">
<a href="abc_000003.htm#a2">
(this example will jump to anchor 2 in page abc_000003 that's page 3; you create the anchor visually with EasyWebEditor)
At present there isn't a EasyWebEditor plugin for submenus etc. This is because there are infinite flavours of buttons /submenus and as you see they are usually quite complicated.
In Web, when you want special thing, there is usually some effort.
As you have seen, nothing is impossible when you have understood what's up
Posted by: Jules_Ellis Posted on: Apr 24th, 2005, 11:20pm
I got the submenus working! Thanks a lot, your responses are very fast and accurate   so I think EWEs support staff is fantastic! You can see the page with submenus working at the URL that I gave earlier ( OK, right at this moment only the first two pages work properly with buttons and submenus, but it is 6.00 AM here now so I'll fix the rest later, I understand the principle now. Thanks again!
For other people who want to do this I may add a few things. First, you should also specify the target frame in the menuscript.js file. This is the place where the submenus seem to find their targets. There you'll find lines like
subInfo[2][1] = new Array("submenu caption","my_webpage_00000d.htm","");
and there the last "" should be replaced by the frame name in which the new page should be shown, e.g. "Framec9f708". It is probably easier to specify this in the buttongenerator menu before you generate the buttons, but then you'll have to understand what a 'target' is first....
The option with _blank didn't work for me (or perhaps I did something wrong) because it opens a new window, whereas I wanted to replace the old page (i.e. all frames in it)  with a new page (with multiple frames) in the same window. But in hindsight, given the other problems, I doubt whether it is wise to want this... Anyhow, it works this way too.
Then a next problem occured because the submenus replace only one frame with another  page, while the main buttons replace the whole page. So suppose the buttons are on a separate page (say the 'buttonpage') and page 0 has a frame A with in it the buttonpage and a second frame B that is the target for the submenus. Suppose a button calls page 11 and a submenu also calls page 11. If page 11 contains a frame with in it again the buttonpage, then clicking on the submenu will show the buttonpage twice: one time in frame A and one time in a part of frame B. On the other hand, if page 11 does not contain a frame with the buttonpage, then clicking on the main button will lead to the disapearance of the buttonpage (since the button replaces both frames A and B with page 11 which now does not contain the buttons)  
I solved this by making two versions of each page: One time as a single frame, and one time as a page with two frames, of which the first contains the buttonpage and the second frame contains the buttonless page (this seems to be a good idea anyway, it's a logical structure). Then I specified the buttonless page as target for the submenus (in menuscript.js) and the two-frame page as target for the main buttons (in the HTML piece within EWE). In this construction I have to change the HTML only once on the buttonpage and the target frame is the same everywhere (namely the second frame on page 0). Of course, this only works if you want to keep the frame with the buttonpage on the same placethroughout.
The solution with the anchor doesn't work yet for some reason.  Oh wait, that may be the thing with calling or not calling the parent that I saw elsewhere on this forum.
I found some solution to the problem that the submenus were not visible due to the frame borders. Well, of course they cannot cross the frame, that's why it is a frame. But I changed the position where the submenu is shown relative to the button. In the menuscript.js file there is a line
var xSubOffset = 116;
and I changed 116 into 0. Now the submenu is shown below the button. I also managed to increase the distance between the buttons. Within the 2nd HTML chunk (see previous post) there is a parameter vspace = "1"  and I changed 1 into 10.
So we can make submenus work, thanks to the support staff who was so kind to learn us a little HTML... And this was only the short way!
Thanks again,
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Apr 26th, 2005, 4:12pm
Only two things (that may help)
1) "the option with _blank didn't work for me because it opens a new window"
this is what it is supposed to do (_blank is for opening a new browser window) maybe we didn't understood your request
Other possible ids are
2) as for links to frames and parent (host) frames, I think you didn't noticed that EasyWebEditor automatically creates framed and non-framed pages available for most usages.
prefix_000003.htm is the framed page (host frames)
prefix-000003.htm is the master frame of page 3 (shown as page 3 within the previews)
(notice the difference, _ and the - )
good work
Posted by: Jules_Ellis Posted on: May 1st, 2005, 7:58pm
Thanks again! The id _top was what I needed. I hope that I properly say this: It replaces the entire content of a window (and all frames within it) with another page (and all frames within it) without opening a new window. I have on the left side of each (framed) page a frame for navigation, and within that frame I always show the same (nonframed) page on which the buttons are shown. In the right frame I have the variable content. So if I replace the entire content of the window (i.e. both frames) with a new page (which also has two frames) then the left frame with the buttons is fixed all the time. That's what I wanted and this is what happens now. Thanks!
I did this by using the _top id and references the framed pages everwhere, i.e. both in the HTML piece for the BODY part that was inserted 'Within text' in EWE, and in the menuscript.js file. So in the HTML that was inserted 'Within text' I have
<a href= [icon of framed page] ... target="_top">
and in the menuscript.js file I have for example
subInfo[6][1] = new Array("Muziek","webpage_jules_el_000003.htm","_top");
With this, clicking on the main button and clicking on a submenu will both lead to the replacement of the entire framed page with another framed page.
So the process is converging. The only thing that still doesn't work are the anchors. With some submenus I want that the page is replaced (as is done now) and that, with the same click, the right frame (the one without buttons) jumps to an anchor. I tried this:
subInfo[3][2] = new Array("submenu title","framedpage.htm#a1","_top");
This doesn't work. Here a1 is an anchor in the page that is shown in the right frame of framedpage.htm. If I understand the menuscript.js file then this will write something like
<a href="framedpage.htm#a1" ... target="_top"
Is there something wrong with this? I get the correct page, with all frames, but the right frame does not jump to a1. One possibility could be this: elsewhere on this forum there is noted that a problem may occur after publishing with anchors because the parent frameset will be called. However, I've unchecked the option 'Avoid single frame' in the page properties, so this should not be the problem. A simple solution would of course be: not wanting the submenus to jump to frames.  And I can well imagine that this problem is due to the structure of the buttongenerator program and that it cannot be easily solved by the EWE support staff! So whatever your answer is: Thanks a lot for your efforts  
Posted by: webbqt Posted on: May 11th, 2005, 11:05am
I am trying to figure out the button generator too.  I under stand where to put the "1st chunck"  (in the head), and where to put the "2nd chunk" in the body...but i'm lost on where to put the pics themselves, as well as the menuscript.js and the menustyle.css.   I don't know where to go to make a submenu to put these in.  I'm sure this is simple, and I'm just missing it...but please help.  Where do I go for "Generic FTP" internal features?  And where does Hyperpublish put my pages/images.  I at first thought where it saves it on the computer...but it didn't work to put it there.  I know all i'm missing is where to put these things, cause when i publish I get a square with an x, but it take me to the page i want to go to.   I'd like to be able to use the submenu too if this makes a difference on what all i need to do yet.
I have to say I'm impressed that you would help with someone elses problems.  I've emailed them 3 different times trying to get their answer....and no reply.  So, again, Thanks for doing someone elses work.
Posted by: Jules_Ellis Posted on: May 11th, 2005, 8:58pm
I’m not support staff, but I’ve spend a lot of time with these buttons, and I got them working. So I think I can help you with some things.  
The menuscript.js and the menustyle.css files should be in the folder were the published webpages are. If you don’t understand what I mean, I can perhaps easiest explain it this way:
1. Create (just in Windows) a folder, say with the name MyOfflinePage.
2. Open EWE and in it the hypertext that you created.
3. Chose Publish > Export pages. Click on the tab Path. Now look for the folder MyOfflinePage and select it. Click on Export. If EWE asks you to save, click Yes.
4. Now open (just in Windows) the folder MyOfflinePage. There you will see a lot of .htm files and perhaps other files that contain images and sounds.
5. Put the menuscript.js and the menustyle.css files in this folder. Open the zip-file from buttongenerator. In it you will find a folder ‘buttons’. Copy this folder and paste it into the folder MyOfflinePage. After this step, the folder MyOfflinePage will contain
a. a subfolder ‘buttons’ with in it files like button1over.png.
b. the files menuscript.js and menustyle.css
c. a lot of .htm files that were created by EWE.
6. Open the page index.htm, and go from there to the page where the buttons should be shown (that is the page were you have inserted the HTML chunks). If you didn’t insert the HTML on the cover page of EWE, then the buttons will not be shown on the index.htm and then you will have to use other links in order to arrive at the page with the buttons.
In this example, the pages are ‘published’ on your own computer, so other web users cannot see them. If you do not see the buttons, then there is still something wrong and there is no point in publishing it on the web. You should solve the problem first. If you do see the buttons, you can now publish everything on the web and make it available to other people. For this, all the files in MyOfflinePage should be transferred to the folder that is reserved for you by your host. You can do this in two steps.
7. In EWE, chose Publish > Internet – FTP > Publish on the internet… If your set up was OK, EWE will make a connection with your host. Click on Publish. Now EWE will create the .htm files and images and sounds in the folder at your host. Wait until publishing is OK, and click Close.
8. In the previous step, EWE will not have transferred the menuscript.js and the menustyle.css files and the buttons folder to your host, because these files do not belong to the hypertext. To do this, chose Publish > Internet – FTP > Generic FTP. On the left side of the dialog box, set the file selector on ‘All files (*.*)’  instead of ‘iPer hypertext (*.AEH)’. Select the file menuscript.js. Click on ‘publish >’. Now this file will be transferred to your host. Do the same for the menustyle.css file and the buttons folder.
Now, if something goes wrong, it must be either in steps 1 – 6 (making the buttons work) or steps 7 – 8 (publishing). If there is something wrong in steps 1 – 6, you can see it already before the publishing on internet. In this case, if you followed the above instructions and it still doesn’t work, there is probably something wrong with the HTML chunks. Note that
9. You should modify the HTML piece inserted ‘within text’ in the following way: Find the HTML icon that is visible in EWE on the page were you inserted the HTML. Click on the icon with the right mouse button. Select properties. The HTML text will be shown. Wherever you see <a href = “filename”, replace filename by an intrinsic EWE reference (select the filename without the “  ”  and then click on ‘insert page or file ref’). Then filename will be replaced by an icon.
10. Open the menuscript.js file with Notepad. Wherever you see something like subInfo[2][1] = newArray("submenuname","destination","");
Replace destination by the name of the .htm page to which you want to jump after clicking on the submenu. This should be the name of the page as it is given by EWE in the publishing process, not the name that you gave it yourself when working in EWE. You can find this name by looking in the folder MyOfflinePage that was created in steps 1 - 3: Open each .htm file until you have the right one. Then insert its name in the menuscript.js file. Furthermore you may want to replace the last “” by “_top”. For example, my manuscript.js file has a line
subInfo[2][2] = newArray("Kosten","webpage_jules_el_000010.htm","_top");  
I did not understand your question “Where do I go for "Generic FTP" internal features?  And where does Hyperpublish put my pages/images.”. If you have a problem with publishing, not with the buttons, then other people can probably give a better answer, or perhaps you should rephrase your question.
Posted by: webbqt Posted on: May 13th, 2005, 4:12pm
Thanks Jules, I'm getting closer!  I printed out what your wrote (very understandable, so thank you for that), and went step by step with it.  I am using the actual url address (copy and paste when i'm online from my own site) while setting up the button i don't have to change any script or mess with anything...and it takes me to the right page online.  I made a new folder just for this like you said....put the button file, the menuscript.js and menustyle.css in there. I put the 1st html in the head where it belongs, and also the 2nd html in the body.  I exported from HyperPublish to this new file...and checked it out at the index.htm and the button looked great and worked -on there anyway-so then your next steps.  I went back to Hyperpublish and published on the internet with no problems.  Then i went to generic and found everything you said (yes...i need detail just like you wrote)clicked on the 3 files and realized maybe i should click public_html like i do before i do the usual anyway, got them all in there...but still got an x box on the actual online site.  So went back to generic and hit each one to publish without sending it to public_html...and they all show up to the right.  I am starting with the publish button under the left column, then using the publish button under the right column.  You didn't say to...but I went ahead to the regular publish part and did that too.  So now when I go to the site....i still get an x box...but the submenus show up and it does take me to the right page, but the original button is still an x.  I'm sure I'm doing something wrong with the button file but just not sure....but i'm getting closer...yippy skippy
Thanks for you great help....if you know the silly mistake i'm still making i'd appreciate a little more help....or you can just laugh at me (that's ok too, cause that's what I'm doing)
Thanks again.
Posted by: Jules_Ellis Posted on: May 13th, 2005, 6:49pm
Hi, good to hear that you're getting closer. If the submenus work then the menuscript.js file seems OK. This was the most difficult part for me. If the buttons themselves show up as crosses, I think that he cannot locate the images of these buttons. Then there are two logical possibilities: (1) there is something wrong with the name or location of these images, and/ or (2) the HTML code does contain the proper path + name of these images. So I suggest that you check the following:
1.a Go to the folder or space that contains your (online) index.htm. Does this folder contain a subfolder with the name 'buttons' (whithout the ' and the ')?
1.b Open this buttons folder. Does it contain files with names like 'button1over.png' (again without the ') and 'button1up.png'?
2.a Open the page on which the buttons should be shown with Notepad. (If you work with frames in the same way that I do: this should be the unframed version of the page). This file should contain a few lines with (for example) the following code:
<a href="index.htm" onmouseover="setOverImg('1','');overSub=true;showSubMenu('submenu1','but ton1');" onmouseout="setOutImg('1','');overSub=false;setTimeout('hideSubMenu(\'su bmenu1\')',delay);" target="_top"><img src="buttons/button1up.png" border="0" id="button1" vspace="10" hspace="1"></a><br>
This example is for my first button, which should take the user to the page index.htm. After src = you see the path and filename of the image of the first button: "buttons/button1up.png". Do you have the same path and name here?
If your answers are 3 x Yes, it is hard to see what is wrong. I'm not sure whether I understand what you were writing about the URLs. Do you mean that you inserted the full http address after src = ? I'm not sure that this should work, he might interpret it like 'oh, in the current folder there should be a subfolder with the name "http..." and then he doesn't find this subfolder. So I would delete the unnecessary part of the path, and assume that he always starts looking in the current folder (= the folder in which index.htm lives). Let me know whether it works.
By the way, Support Staff: Would it be possible if I posted somewhere a (little) example EWE file + other files such that other people can download it and see for themselves what should be where? Of course, I would understand it very well if this is not (yet) possible, so you don't have to explain if the answer is 'no'.
My last own question was about how to let the the submenus jump to anchors in another frame. Well, I solved it by not using anchors, but just jumping to other pages. So I don't need an answer anymore.
Posted by: webbqt Posted on: May 14th, 2005, 10:09am
OK, before I tried your suggestions, I went back over all the steps to see if there was some little thing missing (i'm trying to avoid having to change any html script).  Anyway, when I went back to the Generic FTP to try to transfer the Button Folder (the folder containing the png files) I get an error there. What I'm doing in Generic FTP is choosing "All files" under the left side, then choosing the button folder, then choosing the publish under that same side.  But instead of getting "tranfer ok" like I get when i transfer the menuscript.js and menustyle.css, i get "error.  Got any ideas?
Posted by: Jules_Ellis Posted on: May 14th, 2005, 1:40pm
this seems to be a publishing problem then. I must say that I became aware of the Generic FTP in EWE only after your first question, I always used another FTP program. But I think the Generic FTP is friendlier. But for this reason I'm not very experienced with Generic FTP. In particular I'm not sure what the difference is between the left and the right publish button. I tried some things and I thought the left publish button works fine if you transfer individual files. If it does not transfer the whole buttons folder with its content, why don't transfer the images in the buttons folder one by one? That's probably faster than finding a systematic solution. Remember then that at the right side you have to create the buttons folder first (if it does not yet exist there) and next, before you transfer an image to it, you open this buttons folder at the right side. After this you tranfer with the left publish button. Another possibility why the transfer would fail is of course when you exceeded your disk space.
Posted by: webbqt Posted on: May 14th, 2005, 2:40pm
YIPPY works!!
I made the button folder then transfered the individual buttons.  I did make two new folders because I wasn't sure where it really needed to be.  I know when i publish i have to send everything to the i made a buttons folder where the public_html is listed (the list that comes up first), then clicked on the public_html and made one there.....i don't really care which one worked (I'll figure that out later), I'm just glad I finally got this to work (with your expert help)  Now I can make the actual full menu.
Thanks SOOOO much for your help.
Posted by: Jules_Ellis Posted on: May 14th, 2005, 3:10pm
Good to hear that it works!
Posted by: webbqt Posted on: May 15th, 2005, 4:57am
Well......I thought I was done.  I've got great looking buttons on my home page (, they all work and so do the sub menus.  The problem now is I wanted different buttons on other pages of the site.  When creating the buttons it tells you to name each menu if you are going  use more than one menu on one page.  I found this is true even if the different menus are on different pages through out my site.  So set up menu1, menu2, and menu3.  All the button look and work fine, but I loose the sub menu by doing this.  When only using the menu1 (the button menu on the home page) I have use of the sub menus.
Posted by: Jules_Ellis Posted on: May 15th, 2005, 6:37pm
Well, that's more complicated indeed. But I've never done that, so I can only give you some suggestions. Let's see whether they work.
1. I assume that you've got different menuscript.js and menustyle.css files? Say these are titled menuscript1.js and so on. Remember that you had to insert a piece of HTML at Page Start? This piece should be inserted at the page start of EACH page where buttons are supposed to show. In this piece of HTML, reference is made to menuscript.js and menustyle.css (at least in my simple case). These should then be changed into menuscript1.js and menustyle1.css or whathever they are called.
2. I also assume that you have several buttons folders. Say, these are titled buttons1, buttons2,... Then in EACH page where buttons are required, the second piece of HTML should be inserted. But the phrase
should then be changed in e.g.
3. The folders buttons1, buttons2 should also be transfered to the host.
But perhaps I have a totally wrong idea of what the buttongenerator sent you, so let me know what happens.
Posted by: Jules_Ellis Posted on: May 15th, 2005, 7:03pm
I just visited your website. I viewed the source of the home page (where the submenus work) and another page (where they don't work). The home page contains two lines with this code (part of the chunk that was inserted 'At page start'):
<script src="menuscript.js" language="javascript" type="text/javascript"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="menustyle.css" media="screen, print" /> <META NAME="title" CONTENT="Webbs Graphics">
The other page doesn't contain this reference to menuscript.js and menustyle.css. So I think this should be inserted at the other pages too, with perhaps different names like menuscript1.js.
But the buttons themselves seem OK on the other pages, or is this not what you want? So what I said under points 2 and 3 may perhaps be skipped.
Of course there is, as usual, another solution to this complicated thing: Not wanting the complicated thing. I visited your webpage and I was a little confused by the fact that there are two kinds of buttons. I tried to find a difference in the texts and tried out whether they would bring me to different pages. It seems they don't. Well, if they do the same things then they should look the same, is my opinion. So I would suggest that you use a single button page that you re-use in a separate frame on each page. I've done this on my page\julesellis. But I still want to help if you decide to have different buttons.
Posted by: webbqt Posted on: May 16th, 2005, 2:52pm
Well...this time I've really done it.  There is a way to have different menus.  And it's all so simple....after about 2 weeks messing with it.  If you want more than 1 menu on your site, you not only need to name each different menu as you make it in buttongenerator...but you need to rename the menuscript.js and menustyle.css.  But it doesn't stop need to make sure the the html script that you put in the head of your page has the same name in it.  Since I had 3 different menus I wanted to try, I named them menu1, menu2, menu3.  Then I opened the file sent by buttongenerator and changed the file names to menuscript1.js and menustyle1.css to go with the menu1 buttons.  Before I copied the script to go into the head I made sure it was menuscript1.js and menustyle1.css in there to.  I did the same for each menu.  It works I just have to have the time to get all the pages up to date with the new look.  By the time I get done...I'l either will have decided on different buttons...or maybe even found something else I just have to have on the site but can't figure out how to do it....Thanks for ALL the help.
Posted by: Jules_Ellis Posted on: May 16th, 2005, 4:44pm
Sounds good... congratulations!   I think what you described is pretty much what I meant, except that you had to rename the menuscript.js and menustyle.css files yourself. If you want to change the buttons in the future, that might be easy though. I have a few suggestions:
(1) If you just want different images for your buttons (e.g. different colors or shape or text, but the same number of buttons and each button with the same function) then it is sufficient to replace the image files in the buttons folder by new image files.
(2) If you just want different submenus (with the same buttons) then it is probably sufficient to modify or replace the menuscript.js and menustyle.css files.
(3) If you just want that the same buttons take you to a different page, then it is probably sufficient to change the second HTML part (in text).
Have fun,
Posted by: Jules_Ellis Posted on: May 16th, 2005, 6:06pm
In another thread (Nice menu's, can I do?) there was a question about making menus that look quite different from the ones made with buttongenerator. The differences are:
1. The submenus are arranged horizontally.
2. The submenus are transparant.
3. The submenus have different colors.
4. The submenus show up gradually.
I thought about various solutions for this, but I think that the easiest way to begin with is to use the buttongenerator stuff anyway, and then modify something.
I have a solution for the firts point above: How to arrange the submenus horizontally. Note that the buttons themselves can be arranged horizontally easily in the buttongenerator itself. But the submenus will still be vertical then. To change this, open the menustyle.css file with Notepad. Then
1. At the first place where 'width' is specified, e.g.
    width = 129px;
change this into
    width = 1200px;
where 1200 may be another large number too.
2. Change
     display: block;
Posted by: Jules_Ellis Posted on: May 16th, 2005, 6:14pm
In another thread (Nice menu's, can I do?) there was a question about making menus that look quite different from the ones made with buttongenerator. The differences are:
1. The submenus are arranged horizontally.
2. The submenus are transparant.
3. The submenus have different colors.
4. The submenus show up gradually.
I thought about various solutions for this, but I think that the easiest way to begin with is to use the buttongenerator stuff anyway, and then modify something.
I have a solution for the firts point above: How to arrange the submenus horizontally. Note that the buttons themselves can be arranged horizontally easily in the buttongenerator itself. But the submenus will still be vertical then. To change this, open the menustyle.css file with Notepad. Then
1. At the first place where 'width' is specified, e.g.
    width = 129px;
change this into
    width = 1200px;
where 1200 may be another large number too.
2. Change
     display: block;
3. At the last two places where you see 'margin', change
     margin: 2px;
     marging: 0px;
4. In the beginning of the file, after the first time you see .dropmenu, delete the lines with these specifications:
   border-width: 1px;
   border-style: solid;
   border-color: #404040;  
   background-color: #D4D4D4;
(the colors will of course be different if you have other buttons than I have).
If anyone is interested in the other points, let me hear and I will try to find out. Of course I can't promise anything.
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Jan 25th, 2008, 12:06pm

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