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Topic Summary
Posted by: roberta Posted on: Nov 25th, 2006, 4:19am
I cannot stop the apostrophe's and quotation marks, that are in the text, from publishing as ? marks.  I have tried everything.  No matter how I format, or re-format the text from original text, Word Documents, or emails, it publishes  ' marks, and "marks as question marks.  What can I do?  I have been going through the entire text and replacing some of these marks, even though they look fine before they are published.  Sometimes this does not even work.  I have the 1SITE program.
Thank you,
Roberta Lambert
Here is a sample of the problem
The usual meanings of ?father? and ?mother? do not apply to these cloned humans.  
If that life is not deemed ?worthy? or ?adequate? it will be destroyed and people alive today
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Nov 25th, 2006, 4:27am
This problem is caused by the fact that, even if the standard charset for Web (since HTML 2.0) is ISO-8859-1, some servers do specify "UTF" as encoding while supplying the web page. The browser then is undecided and may go for UTF, instead of the standard iso8859-1.
This charset issue is not a problem for "normal" chars, but can be a problem for some kind of quotation marks and other chars.
If you have a new version of our software, you can solve this problem quickly:
1) Hypertext >Current hypertext options
2) in the Charset box, write ISO-8859-1
3) republish all the website (use the publishing feature and press ALL at the bottom left before the big Publish button).
In case you have a very old edition, you must, for each single page:
1) Insert >HTML >At page start
2) within this dialog, copy and paste this code
<META http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1">
That's all
Posted by: Roberta Posted on: Nov 25th, 2006, 3:19pm
I did both of the methods.  They did not work.  The Charset box in my version is gray, but allows me to put the ISO-8859-1 in the box.  I published ALL, but it did not change anything.
I tried to do both things.
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Nov 25th, 2006, 3:35pm
The box is normally gray. This is ok, and is sufficient.  
You did both things, charset AND adding META, please don't do this. This generates a duplicate code that may be bad. Do just one of the two things (charset, as you have it).
There are three options now:
1) the fact that you specified 2 times the encoding do confuse the browser
2) the ? are within your text. You should NOT see ? in 1SITE, if you see ? in 1SITE, they are wrong and must be replaced with normal ' and " (use the keyboard).
3) your server does output a bad header that tells to the browser that the page is in UTF.  
I think that the true option is the 3).
Yes, I checked your page with a online service ( ) and I have found that when your server serves a document, it says:

Web server default is ISO-8859-1 and it is very rare that a server is set to output to UTF (unless it is in asia or maybe in japan), but apparently your server is.
Now there are two possible solutions:
a) tell to your host to set up ISO-8859-1: this is the default for the web servers
b) tech way: manually create with the MSWindows Notepad a text file called .htaccess
The file must contain these lines
AddCharset ISO-8859-1 .html
AddCharset ISO-8859-1 .htm
Then place this file into the main web folder of your website with a FTP program (or with the generic FTP feature).
If a file .htaccess exists, just add this line to the existing lines.
If this is too difficult for you, ask your web host to do it, after all they have a non standard setting. And even if it is possible your Web server doesn't want to do a) (maybe because they have other pages that needs this other encoding), they can certainly do b) in 30 seconds, so just ask. There are not other solutions as the server's header do override the information supplied by the files created by 1SITE / EasyWebEditor
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Nov 25th, 2006, 3:39pm
addenda: will work also with
AddCharset iso-8859-1 .html
AddCharset iso-8859-1 .htm
you may pass all these info to your host and ask them to create the .htaccess
Posted by: Roberta Lambert Posted on: Nov 25th, 2006, 3:56pm
I am not a guest on this forum, but there was a real problem last night trying to post and trying to access my account.  There still is.
I did not do both things to fix the problem, until the Charbox fix did not work.  I will try the server fix.  What about my version of 1SITE?  Is it an old one?  Is this addendum something for me to try, or is the fix too late, other than the server doing it?
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Nov 26th, 2006, 6:24am
Forum access: due to hundreds of spam post attempts per day, there is a spam filter that blocks the posts that do contain certain URLs (please email us for more information, we can not disclose all the details or the spammers will be happy).
As for your 1SITE, yes it is old, but not that old. Really old editions do not have the Charset box, while newer editions do automatically insert ISO-8859-1 within the Charset box.
Your current problem is generated by your server: Charset=ISO-8859-1 forces the browser to correctly read your pages, but only if the server does not say different. At present, your server says "charset is UTF" and the browser believes your server rather the HTML code (almost all browsers do this).
So there is no other fix than to change the server default or create/modify the .htaccess file. It is a server problem, you can not resolve it client side with 1SITE.

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