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Topic Summary
Posted by: Twisted Dots Posted on: Feb 19th, 2007, 5:35pm
> Hello,
> I have a computer at work and one at home. If I burn my files to a  
> disc and load on the other computer will it automatically update the  
> pages? Example, I change the information contained in master frames on  
> pages 8, 9, 10; when I upload the info to second computer, will it  
> change it over? Also, if I have more pages created on one computer,  
> will they remain although the newly uploaded info doesn't have all the  
> pages? Example, comp 1 has 80 pages and comp 2 has 110 pages; I change  
> content of certain pages on comp 1 with the 80 pages, when I upload it  
> to comp 2, will the data changed on comp 1 transfer to the other,  
> without effecting the extra 30 pages on comp 2?
> Hopefully this makes sense to you.
> Thank you for all your help.
> Dave
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Feb 19th, 2007, 7:26pm
Hi! In case you use 2 different computers, you must use "File >Save all" and save your work file on a USB key drive (or any other portable storage device). Then on the second computer you use "File >Open" and you open this work file. You edit, publish, etc etc etc... When finished, you save again the work on the USB key drive, and it will be ready to be used again on Computer 1.
The work file (AEH file) contains all the pages. To avoid to mess up everything you must work ALWAYS on the same work file.
Basically, if you swap computers frequently, you could left the work file on the USB key drive, and always use it. Nowadays key drives are inexpensive, with $20/$30 you can get a 256MB or even a 512MB key, and this would fit a very large website....
Posted by: Twisted Dots Posted on: Feb 19th, 2007, 8:01pm
Thank You Much For The Prompt Response
To further clarify then, even if I have 2 licensed programs for 1site, two separate people cannot essentially edit the pages at one time, although working on separate ones.  I must always save, load onto other computer, edit, save and load back to first computer, correct.
Is there an easier way to do that?  
I have basically figured out that if I save the files under different names so that all framsets and margins are the same, then load the more developed "work file" onto another computer and copy and paste from previously saved version, I can combine them.  Does that sound like a disaster in the making or am I on the right track?
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Feb 20th, 2007, 12:41pm
As you guessed, unfortunately 2 people can not edit at the same time.
By the way usually 2 people working on the same thing may mean a mess... if possible it is better to separate the site in 2 sections or so.
However you can do some mix as you said, e.g. using "Edit >Paste page from..."... in other words, there are tricks that can be used.
With a bit of care this shouldn't cause any damage.
Maybe, in case you experience glitch on the published version, it is useful to do sometimes a complete republishing (to force the program to do this, before pressing "Publish", press the "All" button at the bottom left; this temporarily excludes the optimizer).

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