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(Message started by: Steve Augenblick on Oct 12th, 2004, 7:13am)

Title: Starting Webpage
Post by Steve Augenblick on Oct 12th, 2004, 7:13am
I want to use a 1sat Site to post my resume.  I need to know how to post it on Windows 2003 Svr.  I did install IIS from the 'Add Windows Components'.  How does the internet know to pick up the webpage or how do I configure the webpage to be recognized by the internet?.  My domain is registered ( and points to my server.   What directory does the webpage go in?  Is it better to install and build the webpage from a client and then copy it to the server directory?  
Steve Augenblick
New Jersey

Title: Re: Starting Webpage
Post by RobertG on Oct 12th, 2004, 3:05pm

1. You really don't need to know "how to post it on Windows 2003 Svr". VV 1Site takes care of that for you by letting you click on "Publish". 1Site is useful because it hides all those details from you and lets you create a Web site with almost the same ease you create a word processor file. And you wrote your resume in a word prcessor, right?

2. Get the concept of your tools organized! Your domain doesn't  "point" to a server. Your domain is on a Host Server. Your Web site will be (1) a FILE that you create and upload into the (2) DOMAIN SPACE you rented from your (3) HOST SERVER. Your host server will make your domain-based site available to  the Web. That "Publish" click in 1Site will take care of it.

3. Within the HTML code that VV will load into your site are some Key Words that the Search Engines look for. They are known as "Meta Data". The Search Engines are so thoro now that you need not worry whether they will find your site. And don't spend money hiring a service to put you into the Search Engines. The engines will come and get you! Believe me! They live in a competitive world that is vicious! The current world champion is GOOGLE  ;D.

You can select key words from within your resume and automatically put them into the Meta Data area. Your VV editor lets you simply select a menu option to type in Meta Data key words without worrying about where it is or other technical details. The Web knows your are there the minute you get there...believe it or not!
But it may take a little time before you show up in the search files...the engine has a voracious appetite, but has a slow digestive tract.

4. Use the Help files that VV provides. They are extensive and nicely organized. Start with(surprise) "Getting Started". You should be able to easily put up your resume site under VV if you read the Help files. And you should be able to answer questions on your own like the ones you asked in this item. :)

5. No, I have no connection with VV or Google  :(. I use their products and enjoy them. That's after retiring and more than 30 years in the computer business.

Title: Re: Starting Webpage
Post by Support Staff on Oct 17th, 2004, 7:06am
Additional information about "how to create a web site" are available at:

Maybe the guy wanted to install his own Web server on his own computer permanently connected to the net? This is a very long topic and as you (RobertG) say there is a lot of information on this on Google... :)

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