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(Message started by: Glen Knight on Nov 3rd, 2006, 6:40am)

Title: Creating a left side menu with scripts
Post by Glen Knight on Nov 3rd, 2006, 6:40am
I am trying to create a Left Side Menu.

I sought and found instructions on your website which did NOT discuss creating a Left Side Menu using Javascript.

My Objective

1.  Creating a Left Side Menu "Tree" with the collapsible and expandable folders.  I have the Javascript script file

2.  The Right Side Frame will display the HTML files

I can't seem to get this seemingly simply process to work

Can you walk me through these two steps ?

Title: Re: Creating a left side menu with scripts
Post by Support Staff on Nov 3rd, 2006, 6:41am
Here on the forum there are already posts about menus with Javascript...

Discussing / testing scripts is a very long and time consumpting task: configuring / making a script up and working may require hours of work for a good programmer: we may take a look on the forum but please understand it is a very expensive job! A programmer would charge several bucks :)

Maybe the script already discussed on the forum is ok for you:
one of the posts is;action=display;num=1114603640
also this;action=display;num=1102881657
can be pertinent.

The main thing to understand when inserting scripts in EWE is that in EWE the filepage names are generated "dinamically" (to avoid broken links) so where there is a html file name, e.g. "abc.html", you will use (within the Insert >HTML dialogs) the rightside button that places a "reference" to the page, rather than a hardcoded page name. In other words, example:
nicescriptpage.location="[icon that shows there is a page reference here]"

This way you delegate to the program the boring filename management activity, while you always select pages "visually" and, in the code placing icons that does refers visually to the page (with a double click on the icon you see the page referenced).

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