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Topic Summary
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Jan 3rd, 2002, 5:37pm
Welcome aboard!
Feel free to post your comments and questions to this forum .
This forum is dedicated to our users that can exchange tricks and suggestions!
Click on a topic to read the post, and use "reply" to reply to questions or to respond to messages.
Posted by: richm Posted on: Jan 24th, 2002, 6:05pm
I purchased your hyperpublish software specificially to publish website on cdrom. I wish to leave the majority of files (all pdf) on cdrom, and only have a small installed file on the users hdd.
i have read the instructions many, many times.  I cannot make it work.  
has anyone ever actually done this successfully who could provide a few tips?  
the program works just beautifully if all files are put into the HP file via using links or special links.  it is so easy to find the target file and link to it.  
however, i cannot find a similar system in place to easily find the target file using the cddrive: linking system.  
if that isn't possible, shouldn't a simple dos path statement that allows the program to look in several target directories for many matches or something like that work?
any help would be appreciated as long as it starts with "highlight the text to use, click on the insert>link>, etc.  Don't skip steps!
the instructions seem to state that you do the linking after all the HP is done during the cd creation process.  however, that doesnt make much sense, as surely there must be some specific links associated with a specific text or picture.
if the text or picture is highlighted and a link is established via the cddrive link, the page or files never appear in the browser, just the error message common to file not found.
also, can a whole directory be viewed at once, or just a specific file,   if that is being done vice reading the usual hypertext.
thanks, rich
Posted by: richm Posted on: Jan 24th, 2002, 8:06pm
my solution for now for the cd rom pub problem was to make two hp files.  the first consisted of a "normal" web site with all sorts of regular links to files, so that they become a part of the main hp file.  it is huge!!!  the links work just fine and it is speedy to make, thanks to the ease of linking with the hp software.
next, i made a very small one page index file that used the special cddrive link to go from to the index file of the really huge hp file, which of course will be kept on the cd rom, not installed on the user's hdd.
this setup seemed to work fine. the little bity file installs quickly and cleanly.
the effect is we go in one neat step from the user's hdd to the cdrom, and that then becomes the main page or index.  
it is like having the first one substitue the second one for itself,  you never see it again after you go the main site on the cd rom.
if this is not a fluke, then that means this has a real lego type effect, you can make modular parts and link them together via that link.  
if so, this feature alone would be worth the price of the software, as the flexibility means many people could work on seperate parts of a project without too much supervision or guidance, and in the end one person could join them up and no one would be the wiser.
just start with the master outline, create a master template for look and feel, then go do the work, and join it all up on the back side with links to each "main index page".  a really huge, complex project could be easily managed by someone with the smarts and this software.
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Jan 26th, 2002, 1:19pm
Yup! You found the trick!  

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