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(Message started by: Jelly on Sep 29th, 2003, 2:45am)

Title: Email form data without confirm
Post by Jelly on Sep 29th, 2003, 2:45am
I created a form and it works, but when I press "Submit", before sending the content it asks permission to the user ("Security warning..." etc. etc.). Is there a way for avoiding this? Most forms on Web don't ask for confirm.

Title: Re: Email form data without confirm
Post by Support Staff on Sep 29th, 2003, 3:43am
This is the normal behavior if you use the direct mail method (you choose this in the form start marker).
You might be better off having the form submit to a "CGI" script that sends out the email, like formmail (it is a script that's usually installed on the server by default).

First of all, ask to your Web host for a "formmail.cgi".
It will give you an address like:
or so...

a) edit the form start marker; choose the "POST" tab instead the email tab, and write
in the box (the URL above, the one supplied by your host, not ours!).

b) inside the page, it is likely you'll have to insert 3 hidden form elements (with Insert menu):
(where blabla_0000xx.htm is a "thank you" page)
value="Hi! I am the email sent from form 1!"

The name/value of the parameters above depends on the script, please make sure to read the script user's manual (ask to your host).

Title: Re: Email form data without confirm
Post by tinku singh on Jul 1st, 2004, 4:04pm
with reference to your above suggestion, i have an account with, and they do have a cgi library regarding form mailers, but i was unable to use it to send forms without the standard warning that IE uses. could you plz give us an example of what a cgi-script is supposed to look like to accept form info without the standard warning message. or better still, could you or someone plz give me the cgi script or its link used by the site http//

Title: Re: Email form data without confirm
Post by Support Staff on Jul 12th, 2004, 5:11am
I think tripod doesn't allow you to install your own scripts.

If you have your own server, usually the Control Panel contains a preinstalled formtomail script.

You may found several scripts like this on Google. HyperPublish just calls the script so as long as the script works, it works.

You find some other info on this topic;action=display;num=1083524402

(it's the EWE / 1SITE forum - the form support is identical)

Title: Re: Email form data without confirm
Post by Support Staff on Apr 6th, 2005, 4:38pm

My host provided this code for the "formtomail" script. Can you help?
<title>Mailform example</title>
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
<form name="formmail"  action="/cgi-bin/formmail/formmail.cgi" method="post">
<input type=hidden name="recipient" value="">
<input type=text name="subject" size="45" value=""></p><br>
<p><b>Your Name:</b><br>
<input type=text name="realname" size="45" value=""></p><br>
<p><b>Your Email Address:</b><br>
<input type=text name="email" size="45" value=""></p><br>
<textarea name="body" rows="10" cols="60" wrap="virtual"></textarea></p><br>
<p><input type="submit" value="Send Email"> <input type="reset" value="Reset Form"></p>

Let me know what I need to input!  Thanks for your help.

Title: Re: Email form data without confirm
Post by Support Staff on Apr 6th, 2005, 4:39pm
That is the "low level" HTML code for a page.

With HyperPublish all is visual so you don't need to type all this code.
From the code you may see that you need to:

1) insert a form start marker; it must be "POST" and must point to the script
(there is a box, fill it with the string above)

2) insert an Hidden form element with
identifier => recipient
value =>
(Insert >Forms >Form element - then the Hidden tab)

3) insert some form elements (no matter what and how many), in order to fulfill your needs....

4) insert at least one form button in order to "close" the form

That's all.
Any form must start with a "form start marker" as above and must end with (at least) one form button. The Hidden identifier tells to the server where to send the form data once the user presses the form button.

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