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(Message started by: Support Staff on Nov 11th, 2004, 12:38pm)

Title: CDFrontEnd 2004.14
Post by Support Staff on Nov 11th, 2004, 12:38pm
CDFrontEnd 2004.14
It is likely you already know about our popular autorun CD presentations creator tool, CDFrontEnd.

With CDFrontEnd you can create autorun CD presentations, brochures, catalogues, business cards; files collection: PDF, PowerPoint PPS, AutoCad... When the user inserts the CD a Web-like presentation is shown, and may run any file. No browsers required, no configuration, no HTML.

Some new benefits for this release are:
- better "multispan" support if you divide your work on several CDs / DVDs
- new show options: now you can open, for example, with a 640 x 400 dialog and you can show/hide toolbars, menu, title
- support for new "link plugin" and improved right mouse button menus for links
- you can show annotations to the end user, if you want
- we improved the management of embedded files, now you can run an embedded file without asking the user's permission and confusing him/her
- GOLD edition now supports custom program icon; custom title bar and taskbar

Please note that if you purchased this program recently it is likely you already have the 2004.14.
Existing customers can update to 2004.14 for a minimal fee, just email with your old order number (or TransactionID or TrackingID).

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