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Purchase EasyWebEditor + Pageville + ProPay 
The professional integrated solution for your e-commerce Web site...
You get 
- EasyWebEditor (Comprehensive Award Winning visual Web site creator software, no HTML!) 
- Pageville Shopping Cart (secure order processing, export order data for use in Excel, Quick Books, etc.; automatic e-mail notifications to merchant and customer - optional; multiple tax and shipping rate calculations) 
- Propay Merchant Account (no expensive equipment, no statement / gateway fees, no long term contracts; fraud detection; limits: max $500 per transaction, $3000 monthly. no minimums)
Complete Cost 
- $149.90 Setup - one-time charge includes EasyWebEditor + Pageville + ProPay merchant account 
- $14.00 per month - first 6 months free if envelope (envelope? see below!) postmarked by the end of the month 
- $0.15 per transaction - shopping cart transaction fee, first 25 are free 
- 3.25% + $0.35 per transaction - merchant account processing fee 
How to sign up 
This is where we are required to ask you a lot of information and start collecting fees. Be assured that all sensitive information is encrypted and protected to maximum standards. 
- Provide information required to obtain merchant account (including social security number and date of birth). Start with your e-mail (then a separate window will open):  
- Mail a check for $149.90 (US) to Pageville. The check must be from an account in your name drawn on a US bank. This is a security requirement for the merchant account. Mail to: 
Arlington Web Services, Inc. 
1287 King Avenue, Suite 203 
Columbus, Ohio 43212 
- The monthly charges can be automatically pulled from your ProPay account or charged to your credit card. You must submit a valid credit card information that will be charged monthly unless we are able to pull the funds from your ProPay merchant account. Provide Card Information (click here) and $1.00 will be AUTHORIZED but not charged (we just test the card). 
Notice: you can start accepting orders almost immediately: use the manual credit card processing method until your account is approved and setup. After your account is setup, you can use a secure link to retrieve the credit card information to process. 
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