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Gliftic / Gliftex - background tiles and separators
If you want to insert into your pages nice backgrounds, a good idea might be to get the bundle with Gliftic; Gliftic can quickly create unique and interesting images to use as tiles in your Web pages. It acts as a "plugin" (it is accessible throug a magic button in any Image dialog window). 
Beginners can simply push the F7 button and choose from the infinite selection (the program can automatically generate a random tile!), while users with a bit more experience can specify exactly the tile they want.  
Some very simple examples: 
To insert a Gliftic image into your page simply use the Object Plugin menu item: 
...and Gliftic will appear ready to create images to hand back to your Web pages... 
The plugin can also be used to create unique untiled images to use as decorations around in your Web site, like horizontal separators and much more... 
It is very easy to get the EasyWebEditor + Gliftic bundle, click here and select the appropriate option within the order form! If you get the bundle you save money (that's always a good thing) and you are immediately productive. 
If you already are a VisualVision EasyWebEditor customer, you can get Gliftic with a special discount. 
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