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EasyWebEditor + Pageville + ProPay 
The professional integrated solution for your business website...
It's easy to sell products and services on the Web - you don't need to be an expert to have your own profitable e-commerce Web site! 
Get the tools you need to use the Internet to sell your product:  
- EasyWebEditor - visually create a nice web site with detailed descriptions 
- Pageville's Basic Shopping Cart Service - visually add "buy" and "checkout" buttons 
- ProPay's Premium Merchant Account - accept Credit Card payments for a very low fee 
This bundle creates a seamless process, so you don't need to worry about compatibility problems or technical details. Everything is tested - EasyWebEditor, Pageville and Propay are perfectly integrated and require no programming
ecommerce web site software, sell products services on the Web - EasyWebEditor
It's easy to sell on the Web! 
It's nice to shop on the Web! Make your products / services available on the Web, it's easy to create an ecommerce web site! 
Get EasyWebEditor Pageville ProPay, sell your product / service on the Web with ease!
Don't get bogged down with hundreds of files, links, complicated codes. This powerful bundle is easy and integrated - you're free to concentrate on the design and content of your Web site! 
All you need to get for yourself is a Web space (hosting service, click here for info) - if you already have it, it is ok! 
EasyWebEditor's main features and benefits: 
- Fully visual, no coding or HTML. Great for novices as the main functions are very similar to standard word processors, reducing learning time; 
- Templates or... not! You can use templates but are not forced to; 
- Manage a whole site at once. No need to memorize file names; no need to continuously load and save pages as you act on the whole document, even for searches and revisions; 
- Publish to any number of web sites / Web spaces / hosts (some editors have limits); 
- One-click publishing: you can edit your web site offline, then just click to upload (built-in "FTP" publishing).  
- No server hosting / web space restrictions - host your site anywhere!  
- Hundreds of functions: frames with drag &drop, mouse-over sensitive images, header / footers, audio and video, slides, keywords, internal album, insert Flash, animations, forms and much more...  
- Not just powerful... the environment is optimized for maximum editing speed, as your time is precious; 
- Your web site will display properly with any browser, not just Internet Explorer
- Advanced functions for experts: you can insert HTML and so on...  
Shopping Cart details: 
- Secure order processing for credit cards; 
- Export order data for use in Excel, Quick Books, etc. 
- Automatic e-mail notifications to merchant and customer (optional); 
- Multiple tax and shipping rate calculations; 
- Perfectly integrated with EasyWebEditor as "plug in"; 
Propay Merchant Account Details: 
- No expensive equipment; 
- No statement / gateway fees; 
- No long term contracts; 
- Includes fraud detection; 
- Processing limits: $500 per transaction, $3000 monthly (upgradable). No monthly minimums; 
Get EasyWebEditor Pageville ProPay, create your ecommerce Website with ease! 
Do you want only the EasyWebEditor - maybe you will get the rest later? Click here! 
Do you want only Pageville + ProPay - maybe you already have a Web editor software? Click here! 
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